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What Products Use Haptics?

Leading brands use haptics to create compelling and realistic user experiences. Their products are winning awards, receiving acclaim, and delighting customers through the interactive and engaging sense of touch.

Mobile Haptics

Mobile Devices

Giving users a high touch experience every day

Samsung Galaxy S IV

The Most Lusted After Android Smartphone to Date

Samsung Galaxy S IV

"Samsung has added some of the gesture and haptic features from its Galaxy Note line into the Galaxy S4. A new feature called Air View lets users hover their fingers over content in certain apps – such as Flipboard – and see a preview of the content before changing screens. Air Gestures are Kinect-like gestures that allow users to navigate the phone and even make voice calls without touching the screen."


"It's also worth enabling the haptic feedback for Air View, as it gives it some much-needed physical feedback to this hover-based feature."
—Android Central

"Ready yourself, partner, 'cause the GS4 is one helluva rodeo in the software department. To start, TouchWiz (or whatever Samsung is calling it now) has been thoroughly revamped to include a set of smart toggles in the notification center, giving the user what amounts to a cheat sheet of all the features they'd never even guess were present on their smartphone in the first place."
— TechCrunch

"After months of waiting, Samsung has officially unveiled the Galaxy S4 to the world, and its latest superphone is packing some serious power. There will be two versions of the Galaxy S4, an international model powered by Samsung's octa-core Exynos processor and a U.S. version sporting a 1.9-GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor."
—Laptop Mag

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

The Premium Suite

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

"If you pinch on the Note 10.1's keyboard, it launches three different layout options for you: a QWERTY keyboard, a floating keyboard and a split keyboard. We found the latter to be easiest to use when holding the tablet in landscape mode. We also appreciated the slight haptic feedback, supplying gentle buzz when we pressed a letter. Another plus: There's a dedicated number row above the letters."

— TechRadar


"The Galaxy Note 10.1 is a one-of-a-kind product that deserves your attention if you're looking specifically for a mobile device on which you can edit photos, jot down notes, scribble drawings and express your creativity. It's perfect for students or professionals of graphic design that need a go-to device when on the move."
— Digitalverse

"The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 sports a proven, sensible design, a bevy of useful features, and fast performance."

LG Optimus G2

Packed with the Latest Top-Tier Hardware

LG Optimus G

"The LG G2 has a top-of-the line processor, an expansive screen, and a powerful camera that's lightning-quick."



"But of all the unique additions to the LG G2, it is the rear key right underneath the camera that stands out. Highly functional in its placement, this revolutionary rear key is great for left or right handed use. It takes care of all side key operations leaving the sides free and stylish to ogle at. A center power button and volume rockers to the top and bottom complete the rear key assembly which also has an ulterior motive in its unique placement."
— GadgetNutz

"LG's "G" brand continues to represent the cutting edge in top-tier smartphone hardware. LG cut the mold for the Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core processor last year with the LG Optimus G, brought one of the first Snapdragon 600 quad-core processors to the market with the LG Optimus G Pro, and again aim to be the first with the newest in new Qualcomm processor technology (in the USA) here at the tail end of the summer in 2013. That processor is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 and this smartphone is the LG G2."
— SlashGear

Xiaomi Mi3

The Device Crams Some of the Best Hardware Available into a Phone

Xiaomi M2

Xiaomi, one of the fastest growing smartphone makers in China. The recently released Xiaomi Mi3 smartphone uses Immersion's TouchSense® technology to add new dimension of engagement in Xiaomi's popular MIUI interface. Users can experience Immersion technology in two new downloadable tactile themes available in the MIUI storefront, as well as the crisp, intuitive tactile effects integrated throughout the Mi3 user interface and Tool applications.


"Being a long time Xiaomi and MIUI user it was the little things that got me. MIUI looks excellent splashed across the 1080, 5-inch display. The camera app, although familiar, is amazingly fast, and the ‘immersion’ feature for haptic feedback actually adds to the premium feel of the phone."
— GizChina

"Mi3 Tool apps, including Compass, Calculator, Clock, Torch & Recorder include customized haptic effects to create a more intuitive user interface."
— Lazure

"The Mi-3 1080p screen, which is sourced from LG, is extremely responsive and the resolution very clear. As the Mi-3 runs on either Nvidia Tegra 4 or Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processors, its performance is super high-speed. I played a car-racing game on the Mi-3 and was very impressed. The car in my game responded extremely well to how I tilted the phone, and the graphics were very real."
— The Next Web

"The MI3 candy bar phone is available with either a 1.8GHz Tegra 4 processor or Snapdragon 800 CPU (the more powerful MSM8974AB variant), with the former heading to China Mobile's TD-SCDMA network, while the latter landing on China Unicom's WCDMA network and China Telecom's CDMA2000 network. Both flavors sport a 5-inch 1080p IPS LCD built by Sharp or LG with "ultra sensitive touch" that works even when the user has wet hands or has gloves on."
— Engadget

Sharp Aquos Zeta SH-06E

Amazing Overall Specifications

Xiaomi M2

The Sharp Aquos Zeta SH-60E smartphone includes Immersion's TouchSense® and Integrator software to create more intuitive and compelling user experiences by tightly integrating touch effects with the rich visual and audio experiences available in Sharp's FEEL UX.


"The device is waterproof and features a 1080p IGZO display with a 4.8 inch diagonal, Android 4.2 as the OS and a 1.7 GHz quad core Snapdragon 600 processor. There's also NFC on board, WiFi, a TV tuner and a 2600 mAh battery. At the back we've got a 13.1 megapixel camera and you should also know that this phone will come in blue, red and white hues."

"Unlike most waterproof phones which are aiming mid to low markets, this one will conquer the high-end one."
— Gizmo-Geek

Fujitsu Raku Raku

Raku Raku Means ‘Comfortable’ or ‘Easy’ in Japanese

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Inch



"The Raku Raku smartphone runs a modified version of Android 4.0 that uses larger, highly legible text, and limits the home screen to just a few easy-to-use apps such as a dialer, phone book, email, and weather forecast. It also adds senior-friendly features like noise cancellation and a voice-slowing feature that makes it easier to understand what the caller is saying."

— The Verge

Pantech Vega No. 6

Holds the Crown for the Largest Full HD Smartphone in the World

Pantech Vega No. 6

"In addition to the huge display, the Vega No.6 also features Pantech's V Touch technology equipped with a small touchpad on the back just below the camera lens for easy one-hand operation and navigation without blocking the screen."

— DroidTweak Media


"Running on Android 4.1, the Vega No.6 can record 1080p video at 30 frames per second using its 13-megapixel rear camera, which is also joined by a 2-megapixel front version. A quad-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro processor is accompanied by 2GB of RAM, built-in 32GB of storage, support for microSD expansion, and a 3,140mAh battery."

— Electronista

Razer Edge Gamepad Controller

Best of CES 2013!

Razer Edge with Gamepad

Immersion's tactile feedback technology has been incorporated into the gamepad controller for the Razer Edge tablet. The Razer Edge swept every CNET 2013 award for which it was nominated at the recent Consumer Electronics Show: "Best of Show," "People's Voice" (as voted by the CNET audience), and "Gaming."


"In Gamepad Controller mode, the Razer Edge becomes a portable mobile console with a dual-controller interface featuring analog joysticks and haptic feedback."
— PC Magazine

"The removable Gamepad Controller practically sells the device. It's laid out similar to an Xbox controller with digital buttons and two analog sticks on either side of the display, has force feedback, and I love the fact that the buttons are backlit. What's interesting is that there is a removable panel which you can add an extra battery to prolong your gaming."
— TabletPC Review

ZTE Nubia Z5

ZTE's Z5 Avoids Skimping on the Hardware

ZTE Nubia Z5

"Created in collaboration with famed designer Stefano Giovannoni, the Z5 has achieved a 7.6mm thickness that currently tops the five-inch-phone chart, yet at the same time it manages to cram in a 2,300 mAh battery and maintain a 126g weight."

— Endgadget


" It runs on Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and 2GB of RAM. If it's just specs that you're looking for, then the Nubia Z5 looks like the current king of the hill. But that's not all it has. It also comes loaded with a 13-megapixel camera sensor, and uses optics from Konica Minolta."

— Fundzilla

Huawei Ascend D2

Your Powerhouse Entertainment and Social Network Center

Huawei Ascend D2

"Huawei poured loads of water over the phone in front of us and it had no issues; they also threw it at the ground and it survived quite a bash. Nice to know then that the butter-fingers among you won't struggle with the D2."

— Pocket-lint


"The latest hero product in Huawei's Ascend series of smartphones, the HUAWEI Ascend D2 runs on Android 4.1 and features a 5-inch FHD IPS+ 443 PPI Super Retina LCD display, Huawei's K3V2 1.5 GHz quad-core CPU and a 13 MP BSI camera. With its 3000mAh battery and Huawei's proprietary Quick Power Control (QPC) and Automated Discontinuous Reception (ADRX) battery efficiency technology, the Ascend D2 has a stand-by time of six days on WCDMA."

— Huawei Newsroom