What is Haptics?

“Haptics” is the study of touch.  Haptic effects (also known as touch or tactile feedback) are produced by actuators, such as motors, which are built into devices to create vibrations.  These actuators are combined with Immersion software to create haptic sensations, like the feel of a button “click” when you press a virtual button.  Haptics provide a sense of realism and improve the user experience, and are found in consumer devices like mobile phones, tablets, and gaming controllers. Learn More ►

What is HD Integrator?

HD Integrator is a build time OEM tool that fundamentally changes how a user experiences haptics. HD Integrator enables ambient tactile feedback that sits in the background and provides meaningful information to the user and substantially improves the quality of feedback users experience with haptic effects in multi-media environments, such as gaming and video content. Learn More ►

App Developers

Immersion’s developer program provides app developers with a ubiquitous platform that optimizes haptic effects across all Android devices. The program includes an SDK, along with design resources, including sample code, predesign effect libraries, training guides, and a technology forum. Learn More ►

Work with Us.

Immersion’s haptic technology has shipped in hundreds of millions of consumer devices, exciting the senses and adding a sense of realism in everything from mobile phones and tablets to gaming controllers, automotive navigations and medical devices.  Our flexible licensing model allows you to work directly with Immersion, or with our partners to incorporate haptics into your application. Learn More ►