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Haptic Feedback for Automotive Interfaces


UX White Papers

Immersion’s user experience team studies independent research and performs consumer studies to identify how to optimize automotive interiors with haptics. You’ll find their latest research and findings below:

Confirmation Haptics for Automotive Interfaces

With the wide integration of touchscreens and touch surfaces into modern in-vehicle systems, the driver's visual attention is being increasingly taxed. Haptic feedback presents a logical solution for giving drivers tactile response that confirms engagement with the user interface, without requiring users to dedicate as much visual attention. In this original research study, Immersion investigated the end-user value of confirmation haptics as implemented in a commercial vehicle – the 2013 Cadillac XTS, the first commercial implementation of touchscreen haptic feedback. [Source references (pdf)]

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Cadillac CUE Whitepaper

UX Impacts of Haptic Latency in Automotive Interfaces

In this paper, the user experience impact of haptic feedback latency in touch interactions is discussed. Drawing together research from several sources, including an original research study conducted by Immersion on the Cadillac XTS system, this report will outline recommendations for latency thresholds. [Source references (pdf)]

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The Value of Multimodal Feedback in Automotive User Interfaces

This review includes a number of current studies exploring driver distraction, multimodal feedback in touchscreens, and multimodal feedback in vehicles. These studies show that multimodal feedback is an essential component for a safe, effective, and enjoyable in-vehicle touchscreen system. [Source references (pdf)]

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