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Cool Haptic Implementations

Leading and up-and-coming automotive brands use haptics to great advantage. Their products are winning awards, receiving acclaim, and delighting customers with extraordinary user driver experiences. With haptics, users experience more intuitive interactions, reduced glance time for improved safety, and more elegant space-saving designs.

Lexus's Remote Touch Interface Touchpad

"'s a slick solution."

Cadillac CUE

The next version of Lexus’s innovative remote-touch thinking: the Remote Touch Interface (RTI) touchpad. Lexus-cockpit engineers, in their unending commitment to superb HMI (Human-Machine Interface) design, have basically evolved the system from point-and-click to tap-and-swipe dynamics.

Lexus designers also gave the system haptic feedback. In other words, the touchpad will gently thump and pulse as the driver navigates menus and vehicle systems, which helps the driver move through options intuitively.

In many ways, the new touchpad is the real-world expression of Lexus’s innovative exploration into automotive touch technology... But more than that, it’s part of a larger commitment to a connective human-machine design approach, which calls for technology to be seamless and unobtrusive, and employ natural movements on the operator’s part.

Lexus RC Touchpad video (YouTube)


  • "...a functional and high-tech-feeling touchpad. You'll need to spend about three minutes learning how the snap-to control of the icons work, but once you do you'll realize it's a slick solution. Most importantly for Lexus's global aspirations, the touchpad allows for Chinese and Japanese character entry." —Motor Trend
  • "The NX also has the next generation of Lexus' Remote Touch infotainment interface. It features a new pinch-and-stretch touch surface on the center console. The touchpad controls a cursor on the dash's 7-inch screen. The cursor snaps into place with haptic feedback and users tap the touchpad twice to activate the functions on the various screens. We like this version of Remote Touch much better than the second generation, which used a joystick-style controller that required lots of manual dexterity. This version also requires some nimble fingers, but we found ourselves getting used to it in just a few hours behind the wheel." —MSN Autos
  • "The new device, dubbed Remote Touch, has a slightly rough touchpad that can be “clicked” and uses standard smartphone pinching and swiping controls. It buzzes with haptic feedback, and is a major improvement over the old mouse controller..." —Driving

Ingenius Cadillac CUE Infotainment System

Cadillac User Experience

Cadillac CUE

Awards and Accolades for 2013 Cadillac CTS Sedan:

CUE blends first-of-its-kind technology with highly intelligent design, bringing the intuitive control of smart phones and tablets safely to the road. With a clean, uncluttered design, natural voice recognition, and responsive touch screen technology, CUE creates an experience that’s as effortless as it is advanced.

CUE is remarkably simple, intuitive and accessible. For the tech-savvy, it’s everything you want it to be—a full suite of infotainment, navigation and communication tools that keeps you fully connected. But you don’t have to be a technophile to appreciate it.

Cadillac Cue Overview



  • "A big plus, for me, is how the touch pad gives you tactile feedback once you “press” a button—a little vibration lets you know that you have, in fact, increased to volume, or fan and so forth." — - Ignition: 2013 Cadillac ATS
  • "Haptic" or pulsed feedback on the fully capacitive faceplate lets you know that your finger is, in fact, changing settings on the HVAC controls. There's a learning curve with CUE, of course, but the capability of the system is quite amazing."
    — - 2013 Cadillac ATS Sedan
  • Connected World magazine awarded the Cadillac XTS, which will debut the CUE, a Connected Car of the Year award in the luxury category. The awards honor vehicles with technology that strike the right balance of safety, convenience, and infotainment.
    —Connected World - Connected Car Award
  • "With its capacitive, multi-gesture touchscreen, haptic feedback, cloud-based OnStar service, natural-speech recognition, attention to driver safety, and a flexible HTML 5 platform, the Cadillac CUE should serve as a benchmark for the rest of the automotive industry."
    —Popular Mechanics - Top Gadgets of CES 2012

Kia K9 / Hyundai Equus

Haptic Steering Wheel Dial

Hyundai's Intelligent Haptic System


Drivers can easily navigate menus for a variety of vehicle and route information. A slight vibrating sensation when scrolling over a new selection helps to improve driver concentration and safety.

"Kia released a set of new photos including one of a steering wheel-mounted menu dial with haptic feedback, which might be an industry first." —MotorTrend

Hyundai has just released a series of short films detailing many of the updates to its flagship Equus model for 2014, including a new steering wheel mounted dial uses haptic feedback to “feel” through different menus. —



  • "Drivers can easily navigate menus for a variety of vehicle and route information. A slight vibrating sensation when scrolling over a new selection helps to improve driver concentration and safety." — Sohbetna! - Kia Quoaris 2013
  • "...The only thing I found were more clever touches such as the haptic control dial on the steering — a first for Kia. This lets you access all kinds of information which is displayed in the instrument panel, including fuel economy and route information." — Gulf News - Kia Quoris: luxury for the people —Car Design New


  • "A haptic control dial on the steering wheel lets the driver easily toggle through a wide range of vehicle info in the center of the instrument cluster..." —Left Lane
  • Significantly, the 2014 Equus Ultimate will allow drivers to access vehicle-system control menus by using a haptic, or touch feedback, dial mounted on the steering wheel. The result, combined with a reconfigured center stack and console, is a more welcoming and ergonomic environment for all occupants..." —Hyundai in the news

Aston Martin Vanquish's New Glass Center Console

Sexy Capacitive Touch Interface, Complete With Haptic Feedback

Aston Martin Vanquish

The Vanquish retains Aston's characteristic, sloping shape of the center console, the expensive-looking semi-transparent gauges, and the swing-up navigation screen. But the climate controls and the telematics system have taken a leap forward. There now are two rotating knobs and two touch-sensitive pads, a system that’s not only intuitive but also clears up the clutter that had accumulated on the center stack over previous generations of Astons.

Aston Martin Vanquish Review

Aston Martin

  • "Inside, the influence of the One-77 is self-evident. The tired switchgear of the Virage, DBS and every other mainstream Aston has been swapped for touch-sensitive controls that vibrate gently when they're activated." — - Riding in the 2013 Aston Martin Vanquish
  • "Inside, the Vanquish is equally alluring, all soft leather, piano black wood and haptic switchgear covered in real glass, not plastic. And unlike previous Astons, the function of said switchgear does not follow form. The Vanquish's computer interface, for instance, is simple and well laid out, unlike the previous version that could confound even a NASA computer quant. " —Canada MSN Autos - 2013 Aston Martin first drive
  • "Overall, the configuration is slightly more logical (and consequently more pleasing to the eye) while introducing new capacitive glass buttons with illumination and haptic feedback." —Cars-91 - 2014 Aston Martin Vanquish

Acura RLX On-Demand Multi-use Display

A 7-inch Touch Screen LCD

Acura RLX

There are now two screens in the center: the lower On-Demand Multi-use Display (ODMD) touch screen contains primary controls for audio and climate controls, allowing the main display screen to remain high for at-a-glance viewing and to display information that’s independent from the touch screen.

Acura RLX Interior Features


  • "Use the steering wheel mounted buttons to control the system, or, the lower screen is touchscreen with a rare feature, haptic feedback (screen vibrates beneath your finger). This small addition made a huge difference, because the physical feedback allows the driver to operate the system without looking." —Autonet
  • "A 7-inch On-Demand Multi-Use Display™ positioned within easy reach of the driver and front passenger controls the audio system and many other features. The touchscreen eliminates over 30 physical buttons, and is the key contributor to the clean, uncluttered look of the new MDX interior. Dynamic menus clearly display controls for each functional mode, reduce screen clutter, and help make operation simple. Audible and haptic feedback improves usability and control, and helps the driver keep their eyes on the road." Net Car Show
  • "Inside, you’ll find a little more luxury than before, and things have gotten a bit quieter. There continues to be no shortage of high tech, with items like a new On Demand Multi-Use Display, which features a touch screen with haptic feedback, and helps reduce the button overload of the previous MDX." —Motorweek

Opel Insignia

The New Infotainment: The Touchpad

K9 Steering Wheel Dial

Opel has revealed the updated version of its Insignia sedan, hatch and wagon range, which features more “premium” styling than before, and a new haptic feedback touchpad for the entertainment and nav system.

Check out the informational video on YouTube.


"The touchpad is ergonomically integrated in the center console and offers a completely new way of quickly and intuitively accessing the infotainment system. Its touch-sensitive surface reacts immediately to finger movements, vibrating lightly to give noticeable haptic feedback and making operation of the new infotainment generation child’s play without distracting the driver from the traffic situation. Even individual letters – for instance when searching for a song title in the database or a city in the navigation system – can be entered by fingertip on the touchpad."

Automotive World

“A touchpad surface has also been integrated with the center console and offers a completely new way of controlling vehicle functions. Similar to the touchpads being introduced on some luxury cars, the Insignia’s illuminated touchpad reacts immediately to finger movements including haptic feedback and makes operation of the new infotainment system much easier and faster.”

Motor Authority