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Cool Haptic Implementations for Gaming

Leading and up-and-coming game brands use haptics to great advantage. Their products are winning awards, receiving acclaim, and delighting customers with extraordinary user experiences.

Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia Edition

Force Feedback Base with Brushless Industrial Motor

Logitech G27 Force Feedback Racing Controller

Force Feedback Base with Brushless Industrial Motor Brushless industrial motor: Ultra-smooth Force Feedback, with zero cogging. Super-responsive, realistic Force effects, with no latency. New optimized frictionless dual-belt mechanism: Fluid and smooth steering – ultra-quiet system. Ultra-precise wheel: H.E.A.R.T Hall Effect AccuRate Technology*: contactless magnetic sensor, for precision that won’t decrease over time. 16-bit resolution (65536 values on the wheel’s steering axis). (*Patent pending)


  • The Force Feedback on this sim wheel is just awesome with a strong, quiet and smooth brushless motor that will give you very precise feedback no matter what track or car you chose. Having the force feedback and rumble work against you in a super car while power-sliding a la Chris Harris will be a lasting memory. —onPause
  • "Force feedback quality and the base unit are definitely the best part of this wheel. Driving with this wheel is true pleasure because force feedback is strong, detailed and fast. " —Race Department
  • "Playing Forza 5 with the Thrustmaster TX is downright awesome." "The wheel takes Forza 5, which is easily one of the most authentic racing experiences you will find, and cranks it up to 11. It feels as close as you are going to get to sitting behind the wheel of a sports car in video game form." —MakeUseOf
  • "Driving with the wheel is very smooth and you can really feel the virtual road. The way that a car fights to go straight when you are going to fast into a turn is very realistic..." —True Achievements

Logitech G27 Racing Wheel

Dual-motor Force Feedback Makes You Feel Closer Than Ever To the World's Greatest Circuits

Logitech G27 Force Feedback Racing Controller

The new G27 Racing Controller, an evolved version of the outstanding G25—Logitech’s greatest gift to the racing simulation community:

  • Force feedback recreate bumps, crashes, and traction loss with jaw-dropping realism
  • Lets users feel every inch of the road for maximum control and the ultimate racing experience
  • Provides 900-degree wheel rotation and force feedback with exceptional responsiveness to game action, without dead zones or lag time
  • Helical force feedback gearing results in smoother, quieter force feedback with less vibration  

In-depth review of Logitech G27 Racing Controller by SimHQ


  • "Force feedback is the most essential thing and here Logitech and the G27 rule. With good force feedback you can actually feel the way the car is handling, enabling you to react much faster than if you had to rely on visual cues alone." —
  • "Although the force feedback was already awesome in the G25 model, the Logitech G27 kicks it up to another level by adding a dual-motor force feedback with helical gearing." —gizmoactive
  • "When cornering through high-speed, g-heavy turns it felt like we were actually at wheel of a sports car."
  • "The feedback the wheel provides using its special dual motor design is simply amazing. The feed back strength is the same as the driving force pro, but its 100 times smoother."
  • "Dual-motor force feedback: You’ll experience traction loss, weight shift, and street really feel recreated easily and accurately on the logitech g27. Helical gearing supplies the exceptionally quiet steering action. Not just a weak rumbling sensation however Force Feedback, something you can truly feel." —Racing Wheel Review

dreamGEAR Shadow Wireless

Force Feedback Lets PS3 Players Combine Rumble and Comfort

dreamGEAR Shadow Wireless Controller

dreamGEAR's Shadow Wireless with Rumble is a CES Innovations Award Winner – Designed with a state of the art stick configuration, rubberized grips, improved L2 and R2 buttons, latency-free wireless technology, dual rumble motors and a built-in rechargeable battery.


“Re-Designed wireless controller with custom analog sticks creates the ultimate gaming experience: Designed with a state of the art stick configuration, . . .  dual rumble motors and a built-in rechargeable battery, the Shadow Wireless offers unmatched functionality and form.” —NAG, News for Gamers

“Immersion is one of the primary companies behind force feedback and haptics. They’re working with a peripheral maker called dreamGEAR to put out a wireless Dual Shock alternative called the Shadow.” —CrunchGear

"Gamers have made it clear that force feedback is a requirement, and our new Shadow Wireless with Immersion's TouchSense technology will change the way they play PlayStation 3 games."
—Jason Biheller, vice president of research and development, dreamGEAR

Razer Edge Gamepad Controller

Best of CES 2013!

Razer Edge with Gamepad

Immersion's tactile feedback technology has been incorporated into the gamepad controller for the Razer Edge tablet. The Razer Edge swept every CNET 2013 award for which it was nominated at the recent Consumer Electronics Show: "Best of Show," "People's Voice" (as voted by the CNET audience), and "Gaming."


"In Gamepad Controller mode, the Razer Edge becomes a portable mobile console with a dual-controller interface featuring analog joysticks and haptic feedback."
— PC Magazine

"The removable Gamepad Controller practically sells the device. It's laid out similar to an Xbox controller with digital buttons and two analog sticks on either side of the display, has force feedback, and I love the fact that the buttons are backlit. What's interesting is that there is a removable panel which you can add an extra battery to prolong your gaming."
— TabletPC Review