TouchSense® Software-Development Kit for Mobile Games

Discover what great mobile gaming feels like.

The TouchSense® Software Development Kit for mobile games puts a powerful new gaming experience at your fingertips.

Start with a library of 124 prebuilt effects, integrate them directly into your game, or design custom effects to add your own “feel” to the game. The TouchSense Software Development Kit gives you direct, API-level control over haptic playback, so you can customize everything from vibration length and magnitude to frequency and rhythm.

With TouchSense technology, you never have to worry about how your effects will play out on different devices. We’ve done the hard work of optimizing for a wide range of hardware configurations to ensure that your game feels great across Android devices.

Haptic integration doesn’t get any easier.



Haptic Effects Library

Choose from 124 prebuilt haptic effects or custom design your own with our support services.


Tools & Support

Full API documentation, quick start guides, and sample source code make haptic integration feel like child’s play.


Broad Coverage

The TouchSense SDK works on Android® devices with an actuator.

Ready to take your game to the next level?


Evaluation SDK

  • Haptic Library: 124 pre-designed tactile effects
  • Non-commercial use
  • 6 month evaluation license
  • Free trial download

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Commercial SDK

  • Haptic Library: 124 pre-designed tactile effects
  • Commercial use license
  • Custom designed game demo
  • UX design team service
  • Technical support
  • Testing and quality control services
  • Service-based fee

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