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Integrator offers a unique set of modules that provide build-time integration options for OEMs that automatically add haptics into the Android UI and applications and provides an easy way to customize the overall tactile feel of the device. Integrator works in conjunction with Immersion’s TouchSense® technology, which has created crisp and realistic haptic effects in hundreds of millions of mobile phones to date.

Features of Integrator include:

  • Integrated Theme Module

    Mobile OEMs are challenged to create branded user experiences that distinguish their devices in a competitive market. With Immersion's Integrated Theme Module, OEMs can extend their brand into the device "feel" by tightly integrating the audio, visual and tactile experience. Integrated Themes creates a holistic UI experience by injecting specialized tactile effects into the lock screen, home screen, transitions, button confirmation, notification tray and alerts. The module comes with a series of pre-designed reference themes, but OEMs can easily customize with their own assets to create a unique and branded experience. Read the press release
  • UI Module

    Integrates haptics into the Android OS user interface within a matter of minutes, eliminating engineering cycles while creating a superior user experience. UI Module inserts haptics into Android’s user interface through its view and notification frameworks, creating a consistent user experience throughout the mobile device, both in the user interface as well as downloaded applications which use the view and notification framework. Additionally, the UI Module provides a tailored experience by allowing users to adjust and personalize haptic effects.
  • Theme Manager Module

     Allows OEMs to select from a list of haptic themes that can be applied to the Android OS and applications. Themes range in levels of intensity and personality, creating a distinct and differentiated mobile experience for consumers. Once installed by the OEM, themes can be adjusted via the device settings, offering consumers a variety of theme options to further customize their device.
  • WebKit Module

    Allows OEMs to extend theme control of the UI to web browsing on Android devices.
  • Ringtone Module

    Enables support for a complex effect selection to support “silent mode” through haptic alerts.  OEMs using the Ringtone Module can use standard effects or customized haptic vibrations to be used during silent mode.