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HD Integrator

The HD Integrator build-time OEM software tool harnesses the capabilities of Immersion’s TouchSense 5000 and high fidelity actuators to deliver new haptic interactions based on the dynamic content and UIs of next-gen handsets.  The resulting experience uses thoughtfully designed and fast response HD haptic effects to: 1.) Communicate new and relevant information via haptics and 2.) Transform mobile UIs and content such as mobile games and video into multi-modal experiences that fully engage the senses.

HD Integrator is only available to OEMs using high fidelity actuators along with Immersion TouchSense 5000 software.  The solution hinges upon the ability for the embedded haptic solution to deliver fast response times and effects across a broader frequency range, which is only available through high fidelity actuators.

Features of HD Integrator include:

  • Dynamic Effects

    Today’s mobile UIs take full advantage of the sensing and processing capabilities of the handsets to create dynamic and animated UIs. Immersion’s HD Integrator enables support for various elements throughout Android:
    • Expanded Effect Libraries: With HD Integrator, a branded UI can feel metallic, soft or springy; the user can feel the difference between subtle or strong cue.
    • Gesture Support: Gestures can be performed both on screen and/or with the phone itself – HD Integrator supports both.  Using the touchscreen interface as well as the accelerometer, gesturing can be enhanced with touch feedback. 
    • Animation Support:  UIs dynamically change based on content and user input.  HD Integrator delivers continuous effects that transform animations into multi-modal experiences. 
  • Layered Haptics

    HD Integrator can layer haptics to deliver simultaneous effects that are distinguishable.  Particularly applicable in video and gaming applications, a user can feel an explosion and gunfire happening in their hands at the same time, enhancing the action on the screen. 
  • Android 4.0 Integration

    Android 4.0 offers new features, such as an animated UI and bundled applications. HD Integrator rapidly integrates dynamic effects throughout the Android 4.0 UI, creating a more engaging haptic experience that is deeply integrated into the OS. This integration includes:
    • Theme Support: To enable user, OEM and carrier customizations of the overall feeling of the OS and apps that use the Android widget SDK
    • Bundled Apps: Integration of HD effects into the home screen, People, Camera and Gallery