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TouchSense® Force Feedback System

Immersion Studio for Gaming
Immersion Studio for Gaming:
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Immersion is a leading developer of Force Feedback technology, with over 25 years of experience and a strong patent portfolio in inertial and kinesthetic force feedback that creates a powerful and realistic user experience.  Force feedback is ideal for applications that immerse the users in an experience and guide the user in navigating real or simulated environments where focus and context is critical.   

Immersion works closely with its customers to create custom implementations of its force feedback technology based on the unique requirements of the application. Immersion’s force feedback technology is most frequently found in gaming peripherals and simulation, navigation controls for automotive environments, as well as medical applications, such as virtual reality training simulators for interventional & surgical procedures, robotic surgical tools, medical instrumentation, and wearable medical devices.

Applications of Force Feedback being used in the market include:


For arcade driving games and simulators, it’s all about realism — and especially the feel of the road. Our TouchSense Force Feedback technology has been licensed and implemented into gaming peripherals such as wheels and joysticks.  Combined with our industry-standard tool for gaming software developers, the Immersion Studio for Gaming SDK, Immersion’s technology is implemented into thousands of console and PC gaming titles in the market, and is felt through millions of PC gaming controllers around the world.


TouchSense® Rotary Software controls can be programmed to output the physical characteristics of most any rotary switch in use today.  Frequently used in automotive navigation applications, Rotary Controls are programmable, allowing the physical output to match the user interface.  For example, a user navigating through a climate control screen in their car would want the feel of a simple “click” as they turn the heat up or down.  But with Immersion’s TouchSense Rotary software, the user will experience accelerated feedback correlated to their speed of movement and in a map application, the rotary control can turn into a two dimensional mouse interface, with feedback for selections.

Full Force Feedback

Full force feedback, frequently referred to as kinesthetic feedback, provides haptics with more than a single degree of freedom. This flexibility allows haptics to 3-dimensionally guide users in immersive virtual reality applications such as simulation and medical applications such as robotic surgical instrumentation.  Full force feedback can provide critical context, for example, guiding a surgeon using a laparoscopic tool through a minimally invasive procedure with the sense of touch or in a gaming steering wheel peripheral, transmitting the feel of the road and the off-road, large and small obstacles, and vibration, torque, g-force vibration, and turning radius.