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High Fidelity Haptics for Mobile Devices

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Immersion’s TouchSense 5000 solution takes haptics to a new level of fidelity. The solution leverages high fidelity actuators and offer manufacturers and designers:

Powerful and Crisp Haptic Effects 

  • Wide haptic bandwith (1 - 350 Hz) – increased range, strength and precision
  • Superior effects isolation – actuator can be mounted to touchscreen or housing
  • HD Haptic Synthesizer – converts sampled or captured waveforms into compelling effects
  • Instantaneous Touch Feedback – low-latency design can reduce haptic lag time below human perception
  • Quiet Haptics – innovative electro-mechanical reference design and signal control algorithms can reduce noise below audible; effects operate almost silently
  • Designed to play an unlimited number of haptic effects for multiple applications
  • The ability to mimic almost any measurable haptic event and download haptic-enabled media and applications
  • All the features of TS 4000, including support of 16 distinct actuators

Easy to Integrate Haptics

  • Great flexibility in piezo location with a variety of mechanical mounting options available
  • No conventional motor necessary, improving mechanical resilience
  • TouchSense Studio tool enables easy design and integration of haptic effects

Fully Programmable Haptic Platform

  • Haptic effects for the 5000 player are created using the TouchSense SDK – 5000 Series. Haptic effects can be adjusted by the target product’s applications (for example, by a game).
  • Developer’s support via Immersion’s TouchSense Studio

Our TouchSense System 5000 Series solution includes:

A TouchSense 5000 Player: Software embedded in the phone that controls an actuator to play haptic effects which consists of:

  • API – TouchSense effects management software used by applications
  • Kernel – algorithms and drivers that produce and control the full range of TouchSense effects
  • Bridge Software – software that connects a target product with the TouchSense Studio – development tool, allowing fast and efficient design and real-time playback of TouchSense effects
  • Integration guidelines (Mechanical, electrical & software) – 5000 Series

TouchSense 5000 Series Overview

Feature TouchSense 5000
Haptic Effects Library 124 Predesigned Effects, infinite variations
Actuator Support Piezo, Electo-Active Polymers, Electro-static
Max Actuators 16
UI Support Dynamic UI support, in addition to: buttons, scroll, slider, selection, pinch, xoom, etc.
Alert Effects Yes
Gaming Effects Yes
Custom Effects Yes – Available via Haptic Studio
I/O PWM or I2C
OS Support Android, Java, Brew, Windows Mobile, Symbian, MeeGo, LiMo, WinPhone 7, Bada
Sample Applications
  • Keyboard or data entry applications where immediate responsiveness is important
  • Ultra-thin mobile devices where space for motors is limited
  • High performance handsets for consumers who demand a high fidelity experience

Additional Resource

Additional resources are also available to device designers interested in integrating a TouchSense 5000 high fidelity haptic solution into their mobile device:

Electronics Providers
Actuator, amplifier and controller components certified by Immersion to meet Haptic Effect Performance requirements.