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Technology Partners

As the proven leader in haptics, Immersion works with a variety of technology partners to deliver product solutions to meet the diverse needs of our customers and their applications.

Motor Based

Johnson Electric

Johnson Electric

The Johnson Electric Group is one of the world’s largest providers of motion systems and components for automotive applications, domestic equipment, office equipment, industrial products, consumer products and medical devices



Electronic Device Company of the SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. supplies a wide range of key devices that support the development of electronics equipment, including the audio-visual, IT and In-vehicle equipment that evolves continuously through use of unique technologies developed in our various operations.


Electro-Active Polymer



ViviTouch™, Pioneered by Artifical Muscle, Inc (AMI), a Bayer Material Science Company.

ViviTouch actuators produce a one-of-a-kind cinematic sensation that bridge the senses of seeing, hearing and feeling. In haptics, ViviTouch HD Feel is used in mobile phones, gaming controllers and tablets to bring high definition feel to the entertainment experience.




Alps Electric

Alps Electric is a leading global manufacturer of high-quality electronic components for mobile devices, home electronics, vehicles and industrial equipment. With the philosophy of “Perfecting the Art of Electronics” Alps Electric supplies over 40,000 different components to about 2,000 companies all over the world.

Daesung Electric

Daesung Electric

Daesung Electric is the Korean leader of switches and relays for automotive parts and electrical/electronic appliances. Daesung Electric is ISO 9000 and QS9000 certified.

Methode Electronics

Methode Electronics, Inc.

Methode Electronics is a global developer of custom engineered and application specific products and solutions. Their components are in the primary end markets of automotive, computer, information processing and networking equipment, voice and data communication systems, consumer electronics, appliances, aerospace, defense and industrial equipment industries.


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