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Driving Innovation and Productization in the
Field of Haptics

Immersion has been a leader in the research, development and productization of haptics since our formation in 1994. Immersion technology has shipped in hundreds of millions of devices worldwide, including gaming peripherals, mobile phones, tablets, medical devices, touchscreen kiosks, casino games, digital cameras, and automotive applications. With our extensive technology and expertise, Immersion offers the most comprehensive series of solutions for any application.

In addition to our extensive portfolio, companies that work with Immersion have access to Immersion’s expertise in mechanical, electrical and software, and human factors engineering. Immersion frequently works closely with our customers to custom design haptic systems for unique applications. In addition, Immersion’s customers have access to a strong partner ecosystem of electronic & actuator suppliers, as well as system integrators. Overall, Immersion provides a number of benefits for device designers and their customers looking to implement haptics.

Working with Immersion:

  • Create a Compelling & Differentiated User Experience: Haptics give device designers the opportunity to brand their user experience by creating a distinguished “feel” to their device UI. 
  • Flexible Design: Immersion’s licensing model offers customers great flexibility in designing haptics into their devices.  Customers can work directly with Immersion to determine the best solution for their application, or can work with one of Immersion’s ecosystem partners.
  • Easy to Integrate: Immersion takes a system-level approach to haptic effect design, understanding that a successful haptic experience is the result of three critical components: 1.) a well designed haptic sub-system, 2.) embedded control software to optimize haptic effects, and 3.) a tight integration of haptic effects with the device UI and applications  With that in mind, Immersion has developed a number of tools to assist designers in haptic implementation, including:
    • Integration and Design Guides (Electrical & Mechanical)
    • Haptic Effect Design Tools
    • Haptic Effect Libraries
    • Open APIs for the implementation of haptic effects into software
  • Proven Technology: Immersion technology is cost-effective, easy to integrate, and has compelling user benefits, which has resulted in widespread adoption in hundreds of millions of devices worldwide across an array of markets, making it not only a reliable technology for OEMs, but also a familiar technology to consumers.
  • Established Robust Ecosystem: As the proven leader in the haptics market, Immersion has lead the development of a robust set of ecosystem partners available to our customers, including:
    • Certified Immersion Actuators: Ensuring standards for quality and responsiveness. 
    • Semiconductor Partners: Offering a streamlined approach to integrate haptics through a single chip solution.
    • System Integrators: Immersion Work directly with a system integrators for haptic integration as a part of a complete solution
    • Haptic Technology Partners: Supporting various existing and next-generation actuation technologies.
    • Gaming Application Developers:  Immersion is the gaming industry standard for rumble effects
    • Mobile Application Developers: APIs allow mobile developers to easily integrate haptic effects into their apps