Haptic Design Brings Out the Quality of Food

“It was like synchronized swimming for fruit.” Brightly colored fruit bounced against a stark black background, timed to a peppy tempo. Every beat was a chance for haptic design to bring people closer to the produce. The goal? To sell M&S Foods, a UK-based grocery store. People don’t usually think of food as having much… Read more »

Designing Haptics For Automotive Ads

The purr of an engine. The sway in a turn. The skid of steel-belted tires across wet asphalt. Haptics put users in the driver’s seat in ways that video and audio alone can’t — and the results are exciting. “Most auto ads are very visually appealing with beautiful graphics and effects, most of which can… Read more »

Haptics Keeps An Audience Entertained

People love entertainment. But their tastes vary, giving movie trailer designers a wide variety of experiences to create. From dramas to fantasies to comedies, tastes and genres are as diverse as audiences themselves. Yet there is a consistent theme throughout all movie trailers. They all tell stories. Trailers must set expectations and excite people about… Read more »

Making Finance Memorable

What does finance feel like? Kayla Buchanan of Immersion has an idea. She recently worked on haptic-enhanced ads for Capital One and Android Pay, which took different approaches to conveying their messages. One was visually rich; the other, not so much — until haptic design made it shine. Visually dynamic financial ads are rare, which… Read more »

Why ‘Engage, Don’t Enrage’ is a Key Tenet for Better User Engagement

With a large percentage of consumer web traffic now attributable to mobile devices, this milestone year-over-year growth also signals changing times for mobile advertisers. As new standards and best practices take shape, there is greater emphasis on brands and technology providers to establish – and uphold — a commitment to enhancing the user experience. Tourtel… Read more »

Congratulations to Peugeot, OMD UK, and Opera MediaWorks for winning the Drum MOMA Award for [Best Use of Technology].

This award-winning campaign was powered by Immersion‘s TouchSense Technology, which helps advertisers deliver mobile content their customers can feel,  connecting with them at a deeper level. We work directly with content creators to deliver tactile (haptic) experiences that extend their brand and strengthen their ad performance. Ads with haptics Carry strong message pull through Improve recall… Read more »