Bringing Augmented and Virtual Reality to the Mainstream

Last month I had the pleasure of speaking at the Digital Hollywood AR/VR Experience conference, an event focused on the convergence of the entertainment and technology industries. Our panel “360 Video and VR/AR – Content and Advertising – A Cross Platform Experience” discussed the current state of virtual reality and the common challenges of bringing… Read more »

G-Star Global Game Expo: A First-Timer’s Guide

Animé? Check. A huge number of RPG games on display? Check. Super geeked out, women and men in cos-play as their favorite game characters? Check. If you’re thinking about attending the G-Star Global Game Expo in the near future take a look at this first-timer’s guide. It has everything you need to know about the… Read more »

Immersive Entertainment Steals the Show at CES 2015

For those of us in the content business, the big draw at this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show was the intense focus on immersive entertainment and technology. (CES highlights the focus on Immersive Entertainment from gaming and other entertainment companies on the show floor.) When you think immersive anything, haptics has to be a part… Read more »

China Joy 2014 and China’s emerging market

There’s much to say about the China market. Most will agree that China is burgeoning as a major player in consumer electronics. Outside of the influence purely from its domestic market size, China is innovating – if not by ideas (which some will contest), by its ability to go to market faster, cheaper, and with… Read more »

What has 700K legs and wants to play?

What has 700,000 legs and wants to play? The crowd attending the annual Gamescom show at the Koeln Messe (convention center), Germany!  Gamescom is the world’s largest video game trade show, with about 350K visitors this year. Most of the booths have rows and rows of dedicated computers where members of the public can try… Read more »

“This is not a computer!”

“This is not a computer,” the presenter thundered, gesturing towards the MacBook Pro from which he was delivering his presentation. Naturally, the audience asked him what the laptop was, if it wasn’t a computer. His reply made us all rethink our assumptions about wearable computing. The presenter was Marcelo Coelho, speaking recently at the FITC designers… Read more »