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Everyone from studios to social media companies are getting into the mobile video market, racing to get market share while it’s still up for grabs. But there’s been very little differentiation beyond content and platform. That’s where Immersion comes in. Our TouchSense® technology lets viewers sense the approach of a zombie, feel the rumble of an engine, or experience the reverberations of an explosion. So you can bring them deeper into the story – and turn them into paying fans.

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15% of users said they are more likely to see a movie after watching a haptically enhanced trailer.

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85% of users feel more immersed in videos enhanced with tactile effects.

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Tap into new possibilities with TouchSense SDK for Mobile Apps

The TouchSense SDK makes it easy to add high-quality haptics to mobile video and other content. Your video will feel great with Immersion’s world-class haptic technology. And you’ll feel even better knowing that our experts are standing by to help you every step of the way.

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See what great mobile video feels like

Download immersion’s Content Portal to see the all-new Lexus GS F commercial and other haptically enhanced media.

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