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Immersion Brings Haptics To Console, VR Markets With TouchSense

Be prepared to feel the digital world like never before. Immersion’s TouchSense Force brings the company’s TouchSense haptic feedback technology for mobile devices to the PC, VR, and console gaming markets. by Kevin Carbotte, Tom’s Hardware Read more:,33689.html

February 22, 2017


TouchSense Force Lets Devs Create Better Haptic Feedback On Oculus Touch

Haptic feedback is essential in bringing player’s hands into VR worlds. Without it, our virtual fingers are little more than ghosts floating through items and surfaces. Touch technology company Immersion wants to bring that work to the next level. by Jamie Feltham, Upload VR Read more:

February 22, 2017


Immersion reveals TouchSense Force for better touch feedback in games

Immersion has a long history in the gaming industry from its early efforts pioneering rumble on the Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox console platforms. For more than 20 years, it has enabled game developers to differentiate their products with high-quality touch effects. By Dean Takahashi, Venture Beat Read more:

February 22, 2017

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We’re Making Gaming and VR More Realistic with TouchSense® Force Technology

Immersion is making it easier than ever to implement haptics into gaming and virtual reality experiences with the launch of TouchSense® Force Technology. The new solution enables game developers and peripheral manufacturers to take their products to a whole new level and easily create sensations of pushing, pulling, grasping, and pulsing by integrating high-quality touch... March 9, 2017


Study Unveils That TouchSense® Ads Leads to 50% Lift in Brand Favorability

TouchSense Ads make you happy & excited. Touch in mobile advertisements is proving to be a powerful way to engage and connect with consumers. In a study released by IPG Media Labs, MAGNA and Immersion Corporation, TouchSense Ads, ads you can feel, increase users’ sense of connection with brands and elicit strong emotional responses. Compared to... January 25, 2017


We’re Bringing Haptics to HTML Mobile Video Ads

Increase your mobile ad effectiveness with haptics. Immersion is making it easier than ever for advertisers to incorporate haptic effects into mobile advertisements on Android devices. Our Haptic Ad Service is the first, all-in-one solution offering advertisers the ability to add touch effects to HTML mobile video ads. Feel the Action. Requires a Chrome browser on an... November 16, 2016

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Silicon Valley Virtual Reality

San Jose, California, March 29 – 31, 2017. Immersion showcases TouchSense Force technology for game developers and peripheral manufacturers. TouchSense Force technology is an advanced haptic experience for gaming and VR.   Feel the experience. See Immersion at SVVR at booth # 620.

March 26, 2017