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Here’s what the Apple iPhone 11 Might Do

Here’s what the Apple iPhone 11’s rumored new Taptic Engine might doOver

Building Advanced Human-Machine-Interfaces with In-Car Haptic Technologies

Building advanced human-machine-interfaces with in-car haptic technologiesCar-makers

A Netflix hack lets you feel the action in a scene by vibrating your phone

A Netflix hack lets you feel the action in a scene by vibrating your phoneNetflix Hack

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Press Releases


World Haptics Conference 2019

Tokyo, Japan – Come meet with us as we join innovators and industry leaders share their developments in haptics.  Immersion is a platinum sponsor at this year’s biennial World Haptics event at Sola City Conference Center in Tokyo, Japan.…
July 9 - 12, 2019

Car HMI Europe

Intuitive Vehicles + Next Generation UX + HMIs
Titanic Chaussee Berlin – At this year’s Car HMI Europe, Immersion will showcase what you can do for automotive HMI with high-quality advanced haptic technology. We’re showing new use case designs, higher…
July 1-2, 2019

TU Automotive

Novi, Michigan – Join Immersion at TU Automotive at the Suburban Collection Showplace. Immersion will showcase its latest haptic development for the automotive interior and host a workshop on haptic technology design and use cases for automotive.
Meet with us at TU …
June 4-6, 2019

Digital Hollywood

David Birnbaum, Immersion’s Design Director, will highlight the impact of haptics at Digital Hollywood on May 23 from 1-2pm PT in Los Angeles. With co-panelists, David will discuss the key role of visionary experiential content and technology in immersive VR/AR/MR.…
May 23

Smart Haptics 2018

San Diego, Calif. – Join Immersion at Smart Haptics 2018, the gathering of multiple industries to explore the future of haptics technology.  Smart Haptics 2018 features presentations from industry leaders, including Immersion’s executives to explores…
December 5 -6, 2018