The experience is real. So are the possibilities.

New haptic design breakthroughs are shaking up gaming and VR.

From the inventors of force feedback comes an entirely new gaming experience.

Years ago, Immersion brought haptics to consoles, forever changing the gaming experience. Now we’re doing the same for this generation of gaming and VR.

TouchSense® Force technology gives game developers and hardware makers powerful tools for delivering rich haptic effects that make games more realistic, and players feel greater immersion.


TouchSense Force: Unleash the Intensity

More than a simple rumble, TouchSense Force technology creates true to life gaming and VR experiences. Give gamers the experience of immersion with the advanced haptics made with TouchSense Force technology.

Game Developers and Hardware Makers, Alike, Can Take Advantage of the Power of TouchSense Force Technology

TouchSense Force technology brings together game design and hardware with complementary product solutions for both.

Haptic Lab™ Design Software for Game Developers

One design language supports multiple platforms, slashing development time.

A simple interface lets you draw textures and patterns, then play them back on standard controllers.

Minimal hand-coding so that you can focus your energy on the gaming and VR experience.

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Peripheral Program for Hardware Makers

Haptic triggers go beyond any other haptic experience you’ve felt.

Create peripherals for bleeding-edge tactile experiences, and give gamers an experience like no other.

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Partnership: TouchSense Force Wouldn't Exist Without It.

We salute our brilliant partners, who have helped TouchSense Force make the journey from dream to reality. We couldn’t have done it without their insight, inspiration, and hard work. Become a Partner.