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There’s nothing like the feeling of accomplishment.

The crumbling of an opponent’s castle. The sharp crack of a homerun. The screech of tires around an S curve. Immersion’s TouchSense® technology makes it easy to design rich tactile effects that thrill gamers and drive profitability to new levels.

Results From Haptic Gaming Case Study

Players with haptics on were more likely to be First Time Buyers than players with haptics off.

Users with haptics on had a significant uplift in retention compared to those with haptics off.

Players with haptics on were more likely to spend for the first time, and spend more in app, than those with haptics off.

Tap into new possibilities with TouchSense SDK for Mobile Apps

The TouchSense SDK makes it easy to add high-quality haptics to mobile games. Choose from a library of prebuilt effects or custom design your own. Your game will feel great with Immersion’s world-class haptic technology. And you’ll feel even better knowing that our experts are standing by to help you every step of the way.

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