The mobile experience has never felt better.

TouchSense® makes it easy to create rich tactile effects.

The deepest brand connections start with a touch.

Some products just feel better. Buttons are more real. Apps are easier to use. And games are more fun. That’s the difference TouchSense® technology makes in billions of devices around the world – enabling amazing new product experiences and brand connections.

A Difference Users Can Feel.


Users feel more immersed in haptic-enabled content, impacting recall, completed views, and intent to share.

Users prefer interacting with haptic-enabled content and feel they are more expressive.

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Users prefer tactile effects created with TouchSense® technology over basic notifications and alerts.

Discover the power of Immersion



We help you create custom tactile effects for your app or UI.


We assist with everything from component selection to haptic implementation to enable the best experiences.


TouchSense® software precisely controls actuators to ensure optimal quality and efficiency.

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