This is where performance meets style.

The best haptic experiences start with the TouchSense® Haptic Enabling Kit.

Create intuitive notifications – and meaningful advantage – with the TouchSense Haptic Enabling Kit.

Notifications are less intrusive, apps more intuitive, and every interaction more meaningful with the TouchSense Kit. We put over two decades of haptic expertise into designing an Interactive Alerts Framework that gives you complete control over every pulse, flutter, and tap of the device actuator. So you can create wearables that feel every bit as good as they look.

See how TouchSense Technology makes wearables more personal.

Discover the power of Immersion



We help you create custom tactile effects for your app or UI.


We assist with everything from component selection to haptic implementation to enable the best experiences.



TouchSense® software precisely controls actuators to ensure optimal quality and efficiency.

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