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Get more out of your mobile advertising with haptics.

Haptic ads feel great in your hands.
And create an even bigger impact with your audience.

The best mobile advertisers don’t just create ads – they create powerful brand experiences. With Immersion’s haptic technology, it’s easy to add tactile feedback to your media. So tumblers shake, cars rumble, and viewers leap into action.

This is mobile advertising built for mobile. And that’s why it works.

Results From Haptic Advertising Campaigns




Statistics from “Ads You Can Feel: The New Mobile Experience,” IPG Media Lab, Magna and Immersion Study, 2017 and “Haptic A/B Study,” Teads and Immersion, 2016.

We’re bringing Video Ads to Life.

Feel the action in a Chrome browser on an Android mobile device.

Study Unveils That TouchSense® Ads Leads to 50% Lift in Brand Favorability

In a study released by IPG Media Labs, MAGNA and Immersion Corporation, TouchSense Ads – Ads You Can Feel – increase users’ sense of connection with brands and elicit strong emotional responses.

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Immersion’s TouchSense® Ads

Immersion’s haptic technology brings touch feedback to your mobile ad content. Our award-winning creative team takes your video content and enhances it with our unique tactile effects. And haptics in ads have been shown to improve key metrics such as brand awareness, sentiment, and purchase intent.

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Lexus GS F

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