TouchSense® Force
Haptic Lab™ Design Software for Game Developers

Better haptics, faster.

Haptics add a sense of realism to console and VR games. But coding advanced haptics has been a challenge – until now.

With Haptic Lab design software, you’ll be able to add multi-layer, nuance, high-fidelity haptic feedback with ease, and give your users the high-quality experience of TouchSense Force technology.

With a visual editor, coding is history.

Our goal was simple: We wanted coding haptics to be almost as effortless and enjoyable as playing the dazzling games that deploy them. So we created an easy-to-use visual tool to design a variety of textures, patterns, and more. Now you can instantly play back and tweak effects on supported game controllers in real-time.

Made for multiple game engines, and gaming & VR controllers

The Haptic Lab design software is available for early access for:

  • Unity 5.5 for Nintendo Switch™ System
  • Unreal Engine for HTC Vive, Oculus Touch handheld controllers and TouchSense Force compatible peripherals


  • Robust effect design & integration for higher fidelity and advanced gaming peripherals.
  • Visual editing for multiple platforms on a single interface
  • Greater control of haptic effect variances, including textures, patterns, curves, waves, and pitch
  • Ability to review and adjust effects in design
  • Support from haptic design experts

Design the ultimate gaming experience



Simplified set-up

Single interface replaces multi-platform API. Design for multiple platforms with one tool.


Design, feel, play

Try effects without building the game. Iterate faster and save development time.

immr-icons_touchsenseMaximize efficiency and effectiveness

Better haptics create higher quality gaming experiences.

Interested in testing the Haptic Lab design software, sign up to get early access: