TouchSense® Force
Peripherial Program

Advanced haptic feedback. Greater control. More capabilities.

Whether you’re developing the next generation game controller, VR handhelds, or gaming hardware, your peripherals need the high-fidelity haptic capabilities of TouchSense Force. With it, you’ll be delivering truly believable VR and gaming experiences.

TouchSense Force Delivers the Ultimate Gaming Experience

Gaming and haptics go hand-in-hand, The Peripheral Program gives you what you need to take your gaming controller to the next level. So, you can deliver crowd-pleasing haptic experiences and stand out from the competition.


The Peripheral Program Features

  • TouchSense Force technology- refined motor control, high-fidelity, low latency, kinesthetic triggers, nuanced effects, and greater variance in haptic feedback capability.
  • Reference design for building advanced haptic systems for higher functionality
  • Firmware for creating greater haptic capability and higher fidelity in existing haptic hardware
  • License to Immersion’s haptic technology IP for gaming and VR systems
  • Support services from expert haptic engineers and designers


Make your controller the one people talk about


Next-Generation Peripheral Design.

The advanced capabilities of TouchSense Force unlocked with Immersion’s reference design. We’ll help you expand your device to do far more than you expected.


Upgrade Your Current Device with TouchSense Force.

Powerful haptic capabilities. Greater control. Higher fidelity for existing haptic hardware. Our exclusive firmware upgrades your current device into to a TouchSense Force-supported controller, for gamepads and other peripheral devices.

immr-icons_touchsenseStreamlined Technology for Game Developers.

We’ve simplified the process of design haptics in games, making it easier for game developers to create the ultimate experience for your TouchSense Force-enabled peripheral.

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