TouchSense® Force for Gaming and VR

Design advanced haptic experiences for multiple platforms at once. And create peripherals that bring them to life.

TouchSense Force for Game Developers

Design for multiple platforms, with just one tool.

Haptics add a stunning new realism to PC, console and VR games. Players can literally feel the difference. But coding for several platforms has been a challenge—until now.

Introducing TouchSense Force for Game Developers. Available as both a Plugin for Unreal Engine and an API for custom game engines, it lets you design for multiple controllers through a single interface, for Nintendo Switch™ system, Oculus Touch, TouchSense Force-compatible hardware, and more.


With a visual editor, coding is history.

Our goal was simple: We wanted coding haptics to be almost as effortless and enjoyable as playing the dazzling games that deploy them. So we created an easy-to-use visual tool to design a variety of textures, patterns, and more. Now you can instantly play back and tweak effects on supported game controllers in real-time.

Level-up your design game.

immr-icons_touchsenseDevelop Haptics for Multiple Platforms with a Single Design Language.

TouchSense Force for Game Developers saves time, so you can focus on making gameplay more compelling.

immr-icons-hvucHaptics Creation Simplified.

Create textures and patterns in an intuitive, visual design environment. There’s no more guesswork.

immr-icons-haptic-studioEdit Effects on the Fly.

Use standard controller equipment to review and adjust the effects you create. The visual interface makes it simple.

immr-icons-ux-designAPI Available.

Take complete control of haptics on TouchSense Force-compatible hardware in custom game engines.

immr-icons-hw-eeHaptic Design & Services.

Turn to Immersion’s design and integration experts to be sure your title will have the most compelling and immersive tactile experience on the market.

immr-icons-gamesReady for play.

PDP’s game pad peripherals ready for market release are waiting for TouchSense Force-enabled games. Our close partnership with PDP lets players experience games exactly the way you design them, with a uniquely true-to-life combination of fine-tuned effects and haptic capabilities.

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TouchSense Force for Peripherals

Peripheral makers score, too.

You want your hardware to stand out from the crowd. Your players want breathtaking haptic experiences. With TouchSense Force for Peripherals reference designs and firmware for controllers and gamepads, you’ll be delivering truly believable VR and gaming experiences.

Next-generation peripherals. For unparalleled gaming, here and now.

Gaming peripherals and haptics go hand-in-hand. So if you want to create next-generation experiences, build your peripherals for them from the ground up. We’ve got just the blueprint you’re looking for. When we work together, gamers can truly live in world you imagined.

Make your controller the one people talk about.


Next-Generation Peripheral Design.

The advanced capabilities of TouchSense Force can be unlocked with Immersion’s reference design. We’ll help you expand your device to do far more than you expected.


Upgrade Your Current Device with TouchSense Force.

Powerful haptic capabilities. Greater control. Higher fidelity for existing haptic hardware. Our exclusive firmware upgrade turns your current device into a TouchSense Force-supported controller, for gamepads and other peripheral designs.

immr-icons_touchsenseStreamlined Technology for Game Developers.

By providing compatible technology to peripheral makers, we’ve simplified the process of designing haptics in games. Our technology brings the two sides together for the ultimate experience.

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