TouchSense® Lite

Immersion Haptics Comes to Cost-Sensitive Mobile Devices

Great haptic performance without the complexity of system-level integration

TouchSense Lite Haptic Enabling Kit (HEK) brings Immersion’s world-class technology to a new class of mobile devices. Our haptic experts have spent thousands of hours developing use cases and optimizing haptic effects to work with a wide variety of hardware configurations. So all you need to do is select your actuator type, and then choose which pre-defined haptic expressions you want to integrate into your device apps and UI elements.

Reduce your haptic development time from weeks to just hours. With TouchSense Lite, you’re able to begin haptic design in the morning and start testing before noon. Haptic integration has never been easier, or more cost efficient.

You get the consistent performance you’ve come to expect from the TouchSense brand, without the complexity of custom-designed effects. TouchSense Lite is the perfect solution for adding haptic effects to mobile apps and user interfaces in devices with standard-definition (SD) actuators.


Easy to use: Gives you access to a wide range of haptic experiences—simplified through documented UX guidelines and predefined tactile effects—built on Immersion’s expertise in use cases and best practices.

Easy to integrate and upgrade: Provides an easy-to-integrate app-level haptic solution that can later be upgraded to TS Premium without requiring app-level code changes.

Cross-SKU consistency:  Delivers consistent haptic performance across models and hardware configurations without device-specific tuning.

Cloud-based license management.  Streamlines license management to make evaluation, deployment, and updates easy.

•  OS compatibility: Android 4.4 and above

•  Architecture: ARM and X-86 architecture

•  HW actuator support: LRA and ERM

Everything you need to create a cost-efficient, turn-key haptics solution.


TouchSense® Lite Software

Application-level haptic solution to facilitate actuator control and integration of haptics.


High-Value Use Cases

User-validated use cases with 100+ built-in haptic effect banks for the most common ERM and LRA actuators on the market.


Haptic Effect Preview App

Quickly preview TouchSense Lite haptic experiences across most relevant use cases before implementing it in your device.


UX and SW Integration Guidelines

Software integration tools and guidelines, along with UX haptic effect selection guides.

TouchSense Lite offers simple integration.

 TouchSense Lite
Easy-to-use, app-level solution for cost sensitive devices.
TouchSense Premium
High-fidelity, system-level solution for premium devices.
Tactile effect quality and consistencyStandardHighest
3rd-party content playback qualityStandardHighest
FAE integration supportchecks-icon-blu-02checks-icon-blu-02
SD actuator supportchecks-icon-blu-02checks-icon-blu-02
Pressure supportchecks-icon-blu-02
HD actuator supportchecks-icon-blu-02
Multi-actuator supportchecks-icon-blu-02
Haptic effect creation toolschecks-icon-blu-02
Custom effect design serviceschecks-icon-blu-02
Ease of integrationEasiest (app-level integration)Moderate (system-level integration)
High-value use casesPre-defined built-in effectsFully customizable with built-in sample effects

TouchSense Popular Use Cases

Cameras, keyboards, ringtones, and so on—there are dozens of ways to enhance your UI/UX with tactile effects. TouchSense Lite includes multiple haptic effect banks that have been targeted by our experts for the most common hardware configurations, including Bar ERM, Coin ERM, and LRA. Simply select the effect bank(s) appropriate for your device from the options below.


• Focus
• Zoom
• Shutter
• Straight Shot
• Video Recorder
• Timed Shutter


• Key finger down
• Key finger up
• Call connect
• Call disconnect


• Timer end
• Timer count

• Lowercase key
• Uppercase key
• Shift key
• Spacebar key
• Delete key
• Delete repeat
• Long press


• Alerts
• Silent Notification
• Ringtone Effects


• Pointing north

• Virtual Keys
• Soft Keys
• Recent Button
• Lock Screen
• Number Picker
• Home Screen


• Rain
• Thunderstorm
• Windy

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TouchSense Lite is available as a licensed software. Contact us to learn more about integrating our world-class haptic technology into your mobile experience.