TouchSense® SDK for Mobile Apps

Create great haptic content, save weeks of development time.

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Haptic integration has never been easier.

The TouchSense SDK for Mobile Apps makes it easy to add tactile feedback to your mobile content. Our haptic design experts are ready to make your video content feel better than ever, and it only takes a couple of hours and a few API calls to integrate it into your app.

Create something special.

There’s nothing basic about it. TouchSense gives you full control over haptic playback in Android devices. So you can pause, resume, mute, and do more with our haptic effects. And create something truly special.

A powerful development platform.


Full Playback Control

Simple API gives you complete control of haptic playback, making it easy to pause, resume, seek, mute, and even synchronize the effects with your media content.


Lightweight File Format

Immersion’s HAPT format is up to 40x smaller than low quality audio and can be added without having to re-encode your content.


Local or Remote Storage

HAPT files can be stored on the device or in the cloud, enabling haptic rendering from anywhere.


Tools & Support

Full API documentation, quick start guides, sample source code, and support make haptic integration easy.


Broad Coverage

The TouchSense SDK works on 100% of Android® devices with an actuator.


Support Multiple Content Types

Games, videos, social apps—the TouchSense SDK gives you one platform for all kinds of mobile content.

See how haptics can transform your mobile content.


The TouchSense® SDK gives you a powerful and intuitive platform for adding tactile effects to videos and other media.
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