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For those of us in the content business, the big draw at this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show was the intense focus on immersive entertainment and technology. (CES highlights the focus on Immersive Entertainment from gaming and other entertainment companies on the show floor.)

When you think immersive anything, haptics has to be a part of the conversation. The sense of touch is able to transforms consumers’ digital experience unlike any other sense. It can trigger memories, personal experiences and emotions.

Whether virtual or augmented reality, mobile gaming, second screen experience or TV everywhere, the industry is delving deeper into how to create ultra-immersive, engaging entertainment experiences for the consumer. Dolby and DTS are making waves with immersive sound technology, driving up consumer expectation for a more realistic audio experience available in the home. Quantum Dot, SUHD, 4K and OLED technologies are creating quality in displays beyond what the eye can see. The sense of touch is an untapped potential in extending the experience to further engage the viewer.

This is an inflection point for the content and media industry. Mobile gaming and viewing is becoming arguably the first screen that reaches the consumer. Smaller screens and more public environments are impacting the viewing experience, changing the dynamic of the media and entertainment market. Immersion’s TouchSense Engage, on the other hand, adds another piece to the experience — the use of touch to directly connect with viewers.

There was so much more at this year’s CES – from androids and drones, to wearables and smart cars, ranging from to publicity stunts meant to grab headlines, to the very viable, and the already in the market. There’s much to explore. I’m excited to see what we can do together to create this new immersive world.

I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on this year’s CES and what it means for the content industry. Reach me and our team at content@immersion.com.

Jason Patton,

Vice President & General Manager of Content & Media Business for Immersion