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Touch-enhanced advertising is coming to a studio near you.

This June Immersion unveiled its plans to release a new toolset for designing a feel for mobile video ad content called, TouchSense Design Cloud.  The haptic tool set is a three part product, 1) an Android application – Haptic Monitor, 2) a desktop connection app – Haptic Monitor Connect, and 3) a web environment for sharing and encoding haptic files. Currently in beta, the toolset gives ad creatives and studios the tools and resources they need to design, iterate and share the touch design for their video projects with their clients and stakeholders.

TSDC-mainscreenTSDC-projectsTSDC-videoClick image to enlarge TouchSense Design Cloud (beta) application screenshots.

Ads with haptics are gaining traction in the market.  Brands using haptics have seen the strong results from their mobile video ads in increased click-through rates, completed views, replay rates and ad recall. In addition, creating a feel for mobile ad content is the next artistic medium for advertisers looking to add an extra bit of dramatic effect and excitement to their storytelling.

Using the same digital editing environment as you would for designing sound, creative editors can design the way that their video content feels to their own touch.  The Haptic Monitor app enables the designer to feel the elements as it is being created to better match the video content.  That element is then exported as a typical .wav file.  Designers can test the merits of their tactile designs through a share feature built into TouchSense Design Cloud.  After the design phase is complete TouchSense Design Cloud then exports a .hapt file for playback in mobile Android apps that support haptic technology.  More than 1,000 Android mobile and tablet apps on the market today can play tactile effects in their ad offerings. 

To sample Cannes Lions award winning ads with haptics download Immersion Content Portal on the Google Play store. 

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