Decisions: A 360° Virtural Reality Experience

[bs_lead]360 degrees video, viewable only on a mobile device.  Experience it with haptics on your Android Chrome browser[/bs_lead]

The gravity of the decision to drink and drive is made more impactful with a 360 video complemented with haptics.  While the majority of the video places the emphasis on the view looking forward, the ability to look around provides a unique challenge for haptics.  So often, while we are driving our car, we’re looking around at the view, conversing with friends, playing with the dashboard.  These little moments can cause a distraction.  The haptics treatment in the video enlightens us on these little distractions.  Driving while intoxicated can cause major destruction, and in the haptic treatment provides an impactful element to this scene as you’re watching this video, followed by the feeling of dread (mood haptics) setting the tone for what is felt in the aftermath.