Nothing Delights Like Touch

Back in 1993, when personal computing was still new, we envisioned taking it one step further. Our deep research into the then-experimental field of sensory technology began to change the way people interacted with their devices. The resulting touch feedback technology, or “haptic technology,” soon delighted consumers everywhere. People embraced the power of touch in their gaming consoles, automobiles, and smartphones. In fact, our technology is now in over 3 billion devices worldwide.

Invest in the Future of Touch

In addition to device makers and developers, haptics offer rewarding value for shareholders as the technology expands into new territory. Immersion’s vast portfolio of innovations and our roster of clients in a wide spectrum of industries positions us perfectly to be a key player in the digital world’s sensory-rich future.

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Join Our Team

Work with great people and make a true difference. If you live to create memorable experiences that amaze, surprise, and delight, we need you. Your vision, passion, and collaboration can bring the magic of haptics to even more of the digital world. Fresh fruit, stocked break rooms, an onsite gym, and yoga classes are just a few of the ways we’ll show our appreciation, along with comprehensive health coverage, stock options, and 401k matching.


The Latest Haptic News

Haptic technology is revolutionizing human-machine interfaces, making it more natural, emotional, and familiar. As the power of touch makes a profound impact on consumers and the industry, we, as the haptic leader, continue to make news of our own.

News & Events

By Chris Ulrich, CTO, Immersion Corporation In Dec. 2019, I hosted and led a lunch discussion at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Seattle as part of the 3rd annual SmartHaptics conference. The topic was ‘how to grow the haptic ecosystem?’…

Our Leadership Team

Our company is built on the pioneering spirit.  Our leaders embrace this spirit and understand that expertise, passion, and strategy will lead us to success. They know haptics is a fast-changing field, where potential is everywhere, and the opportunity is ahead of us.

  • Eric Singer
    President, CEO and Chairman of the Board
  • J. Michael Dodson
Board of Directors
  • Eric Singer
    Chairman of the Board
  • Emily S. Hoffman
  • William C. Martin
    Chief Strategy Officer
  • Frederick Wasch
  • Elias Nader
    Lead Independent Director

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