Nothing Thrills Like Touch

Billions of devices. One compelling experience.

The Haptic Experience

Way back in 1993, when personal computing was still new, we envisioned taking it one step further. Our deep research into the then-experimental field of sensory technology paid off just two years later. The resulting touch feedback, which we dubbed “haptics,” delighted console gamers everywhere, and we haven’t stopped since. If you’re looking to transform your next digital experience into one consumers can literally feel, you’ve come to the right place.

Our leadership team: touching what’s next.

We’ve always been a company of pioneers, and that’s especially true of the folks calling the shots. They know haptics is a fast-changing field, where new technologies and potentials open up daily. Understanding and using that information takes their special blend of insight, foresight, and a bold new outlook. That’s why we’re pleased to put our future directly in their hands.

Shake things up with us.

Work with great people, and make a true difference. If you live to create memorable experiences that amaze, surprise and delight, we need you. Your vision, passion, and collaboration can bring the magic of haptics to even more of the digital world. Fresh fruit, stocked break rooms, an onsite gym, and yoga classes are just a few of the ways we’ll show our appreciation, along with the usual health coverage, stock options and 401k matching. Welcome.

Make Us Part of Your Holdings

In addition to device makers and developers, haptics offers rewarding value for shareholders. With more than 20 years of growth behind it, this versatile technology has proven its ability to endure, succeed and expand into new territory. Immersion’s diverse portfolio of innovations, and our roster of clients in a wide spectrum of spaces, position us perfectly to be a key player in the digital world’s sensory-rich future.

The Only Technology that’s Always a Sensation

Every day, a new haptics development hits the news, and we couldn’t be more pleased. Because it means companies everywhere are working on the exciting new possibilities of experiences with touch. Learn more about what we’re working on in our news and events section.