A Premium Car Experience Requires a Premium Touch Experience

Immersion delivers high-fidelity haptics with the ability to create distinctive texture, true-to-feel pushes, and realistic clicks for every surface, button, slider, and dial in the car. Our advanced method of control provides the versatility needed to accurately measure and replicate how something feels in real life. In the car environment, our technology provides users with that essential touch element that makes the car interface easy-to-use.

The Value of Haptics in Automotive

With the capability to deliver textured surfaces, touch feedback, kinesthetic, and force, haptic technology offers design flexibility, a better user experience, and the ability to add advanced application into the car. High-fidelity haptics makes it possible to streamline interior car design and bring programmable touch surfaces into the car without reducing users’ ability to interact with the car’s interface with their sense of touch.

Haptic Technology Creates the Opportunities to Bring New Use Cases & Advanced Applications into the Car


Using haptics in automotive touchscreens makes the user interaction as normal as using buttons and dials.


Create mechanical buttons, dials and sliders you can feel on screen.


Find and identify on-screen buttons with touch feedback on a flat-screen surface.
More Automotive Use Cases

More Than a Buzz

Immersion’s automotive solution provides advanced control for haptic systems, making it possible to create programmable buttons that click, sliders with haptic feedback on every increase, and dials that turn like the real thing.

Our Active Sensing Technology makes it possible for actuators to provide just the right amount of power at just the right time, down to the microsecond.

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Automotive Solutions for Haptics

Haptic Technology Solutions

Our technology is essential to improving haptic system performance and functionality. Our unique techniques for implementing haptics is designed to maximize the value of the hardware system.

Haptic Innovation Program

Our team of experts can work hand-in-hand with your team to customize the haptic system implementation to your specification. We'll take on the project together and develop a solution that delivers exactly what the customer wants.

Technology Licenses

We offer technology licenses to our in-depth portfolio of automotive haptic solutions and use cases. A license to our portfolio enables you to deliver haptic-enabled automotive touchscreens, touchpads, touch surfaces, and other use cases to your customers.


We provide select engineering and design services to help our customers maximize the full functionality of their haptic system.

Automotive Haptic Product Development Kits

Go from concept to implementation. Immersion's Automotive Haptic Product Development Kit helps automotive suppliers design, customize and build their automotive haptic system for touchscreens, touch surfaces, button consoles, steering wheels, and other use cases.

Haptic System Reference Design

Blueprints, best practices, and reference guides for building haptic systems using haptic hardware components.

Core Haptic Technologies

Software, firmware, source code & system design, or technology components need to create a high-quality haptic system with consistent performance, a wide variety of HD effects, and precise actuator control.

Design Files

Design files to aid the startup design phase, including CAD/CAM files for mechanical design, design schematics/layout files for the haptic system.

Design & Engineering Support

Expert support for customized designs, implementations, or use cases, including help with hardware performance characterization, hardware certification, and haptic hardware selection essential to building a haptic system.

Haptic Use Cases

Haptic implementations, including touchscreens, touchpads, touch panels, touch surfaces, and other automotive applications, along with patent portfolio usage rights.

Haptic Design Effects

Library of haptic effects, template, and design for quick implementation with standard haptic hardware.

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Quality Partnerships

We work closely with our ecosystem partners to test and ensure compatibility and high-quality system performance.

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