Active Sensing Technology
A Smart Sensing Haptic System

A Complex Algorithm & System Design

Active Sensing Technology achieves high-definition haptic effects by relying on a sensor to measure and send actuator acceleration data to the IC controller for real-time re-calibration. Using a smart algorithm to store and process the data, the controller adjusts the drive signal’s timing and strength for more precise control of the actuator every time. Such precision means optimized drive signals and exceptional braking for crisp effects and better, more consistent performance from the actuator.

Interactive Touch Displays, Programmable Digital Buttons, Localized-haptics, & More

High-quality Performance
Through Precise Actuator Control

Precisely reproduce mechanical acceleration profiles with increased acceleration, frequency range, and strength.

Robust Braking

Get ultra-fast, robust braking without auto-resonance detection. Reduce effects tails to undetected levels.

Improved Component
Compatibility & Flexibility

Multi-source actuators and hardware components using the same system design and get comparable performance.

More Consistent Performance

Equalize performance among actuators of differing grades, cost, and quality.

Getting the Haptic Experience Just Right

A great haptic experience depends on the haptic system, but not all components are made equal. Immersion’s Active Sensing technology makes up for the difference of haptic hardware by re-calibrating the amount of power to send to the actuator based on its performance capability. With Active Sensing technology, you get great performance and consistency independent of the actuator quality.

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