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With a variety of services and solutions, we bring together the art of haptic design and the precise science behind implementing haptic technology to help you enable your customers with high-quality haptic experiences.

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We work with the best companies in the industry to create comprehensive, holistic haptic solutions for their end customers. By working with Immersion, you’ll get the advantages of haptic technology experts, constant innovation, and technology implementations that are ahead of the market.

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There are many haptic hardware components on the market.  It takes the right combination of parts to create the experience you want.  Through our work with the haptic ecosystem, we can help figure out what is the right solution for you.

Haptic Hardware

Haptic Hardware

TDK’s Advanced Piezo Actuators

With the PowerHap™ and PiezoHapt™ product families, TDK provides cutting-edge high-performance haptic solutions for a very wide range of applications. The broad spectrum of piezo actuators offers unrivaled performance in terms of acceleration, force and response time. They thus offer an unprecedented quality of high-definition haptic feedback and thus enhance the sensory experience of HMIs […]


Awinic licenses Immersion's technology and patents for mobile and wearable haptic ICs.


Alps Alpine's HAPTIC™ Reactor recreates diverse haptic sensations for automotive, gaming, and other digital systems.
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