The Best Haptic Experiences Start with Immersion

Precisely controlled device actuators create rich tactile effects and amazing digital experiences

A powerful API. High-quality performance. Easy integration. Immersion’s haptic technology gives you everything you need to create rich tactile effects across applications and hardware configurations.


TouchSense Technology: Optimized Performance for Producing the Best Haptic Experiences Possible

Create a high-end experience with a cost-effective and easy-to-integrate solution. TouchSense technology optimizes actuators and haptic driver ICs for better performance.

  • 100+ pre-defined built-in tactile effects tuned to common actuator types
  • Ability to add-on features to quickly introduce new capabilities to the market
  • Customized use case implementation

We will work with you to tune everything from vibration magnitude and duration to frequency and rhythm so that you can create a haptic experience that’s uniquely yours.

Haptic Integration Has Never Been Easier

Immersion’s SDK makes it simple to add tactile feedback to your mobile application. Select from a library of effects. Give your device a unique feel.

Full Playback Control

Simple API gives you complete control of haptic playback, making it easy to pause, resume, seek, mute, and even synchronize the effects with your media content.

Lightweight File Format

Immersion’s .hapt format is up to 40x smaller than low-quality audio and can be added without having to re-encode your content.

Tools & Support

Full API documentation, quick start guides, sample source code, and support for Java, Native, Unity, and Cocos environments make haptic integration easy.

Support Multiple Content Types

Popular apps, games, videos, social media – the SDK gives you one platform for all kinds of mobile content.


Create Custom Haptic Experiences with Immersion's Easy-to-use Haptic Studio Design Tool

Experience your creative as it is being designed.


  • Visual-haptic design tool for .hapt effect creation
  • Haptic wave generator for base haptic design
  • Dynamic wave-shaping control for generating custom designs
  • Compatible with standard creative design tools


  • Companion mobile app for live monitoring and on-device testing
  • Rapid creative review with haptic design sharing feature


  • Supports multiple haptic tracks for comparison and review in desktop application and mobile application


  • Design once, play everywhere feature
  • One-click access to cloud for haptic transcoding

Engineering and Design Services

Engineering Design Services

We live and breathe haptics. We can help you optimize your hardware design, customize tactile effects, and quickly get your product to market.

  • Integration & design guides (electrical & mechanical)
  • Certification of actuators
  • Test & development kits
  • Design tools & reference designs

User Experience Design

Our experts are here to help every step of the way. We routinely assist customers with validating use cases, customizing tactile effects, and seamlessly integrating them into their content or product.

  • User testing & market analysis
  • Design & prototyping of new technology
  • Interface & tactile effect design
  • UX guidelines & recommendations

Patent Licensing

Our team works day and night to create new use cases, develop new technologies, and increase the value we provide to our customers. We’ve developed a comprehensive patent portfolio that spans a variety of markets and uses.

R&D and Continuous Innovation

Enough is never enough; we’re constantly seeking more.  More ways to bring new and meaningful haptic experiences to customers through multi-disciplinary R&D, years of haptics research and continuous innovation.

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