Delight users with haptics that feel real

Haptic effects are an integral part of the mobile experience. They play the basic role of silent notification and confirmation. But imagine the experience when they are made to do more. Mobile games are more engaging. Mobile messages are more personal. And buttons, UI elements, and digital interactions feel better. Less buzzy and more like the real thing.

What Makes Immersion Haptics Unique

Immersion’s haptic technology is constructed to work across the various layers of the mobile system. To optimize performance the app layer, OS layer and the haptic hardware need to work in concert with each other. Immersion’s TouchSense mobile software maximizes the performance across each layer so that the whole system can work efficiently and effectively to deliver the best experience possible.

Explore the many opportunities to enhance mobile products with haptics


Enhance entertainment and mobile gaming content with automated audio-to-vibe conversion.


Seeing + Hearing + Touching = Believing


Emphasize the pattern/movement of wallpaper with touch
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TouchSense Mobile Software Delivers the Experience

With TouchSense, haptics can be more refined and deliver a real-feeling digital replica of the experience in the mobile form factor. TouchSense mobile software gives you control of the when, where, and how – the timing, target design location, intensity, amplitude, and frequency of haptic playback. TouchSense makes it easier to create high-fidelity touch experiences.

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Mobile Solutions for Haptics

Haptic Technology Solutions

Our technology is essential to improving haptic system performance and functionality. Our unique techniques for implementing haptics are designed to maximize the value of the hardware system.

Haptic Design Solutions

We offer haptic libraries, design guides, sample code, and tools to help with the haptic experience design.

Haptic Hardware Partners

We work with a broad ecosystem of haptics providers. They provide hardware and design solutions to help build a high-performing haptic system that can work with Immersion's technology to create amazing haptic effects.

Technology Licenses

We offer technology licenses to our portfolio of mobile haptic solutions and use cases.

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Quality Partnerships

We work closely with our ecosystem partners to test and ensure compatibility and high-quality system performance.

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