Enhance entertainment and mobile gaming content with automated audio-to-vibe conversion.

Convert audio to haptic sensations to give users a unique immersive experience on their phones. Immersion’s Audio-to-Vibe technology contains a smart algorithm that translates the bass layer into a haptic track and gives developers the option to further refine it to fit the content. All of this results in a tuned entertainment experience. 

With automated, contextually smart conversion from audio to haptic, mobile phone makers will delight consumers with a new experience that enhances entertainment and gaming content across a variety of sources. Combined with our expertise in haptic hardware, Immersion can help mobile phone makers find the right solution to turn their mobile products into multi-sensory entertainment devices.

  • Delight users with multi-sensory entertainment
  • Smart audio-to-vibe module converts the bass into a haptics track for a multi-sensory experience
  • Converts sound file to .hapt for MP4+H playback
  • On-device encoding and decoding for dynamic interactive effects and haptic content playback
  • Lightweight file format
  • Real-time media synchronization and haptic effect playback optimization