Create Rich Haptic Effects and Amazing Digital Experiences

Powerful APIs. High-quality performance. Easy integration. Immersion’s haptic technology gives you everything you need to create rich tactile effects across applications and hardware configurations.

Build faster with Immersion Product Development Kits

With the right information for building a haptic system, going from start to finished is much easier. Immersion's product development kit provides you with the foundational knowledge for how to customize your haptic system design for your project.

Haptic System Reference Design

Blueprints, best practices, and reference guides for building haptic systems using haptic hardware components.

Core Haptic Technologies

Software, firmware, source code & technology components needed to create a high-quality haptic system with consistent performance, a wide variety of HD effects, and precise actuator control.

Design Files

Design files to aid the startup design phase, including CAD/CAM files for mechanical design, design schematics/layout files for the haptic system.

Design & Engineering Support

Expert support for customized designs, implementations, or use cases, including help with hardware performance characterization, hardware certification, and haptic hardware selection essential to building a haptic system.

Haptic Use Cases

Build for a touchscreen, touchpad, gaming pad, or other peripheral devices. The PDK provides design guidelines for various use cases and implementations.

Haptic Design Effects

Library of haptic effects, template, and design for quick implementation with standard haptic hardware.


TouchSense Technology: Optimized Performance for Producing the Best Haptic Experiences Possible

Create a high-end experience with a cost-effective and easy-to-integrate solution. TouchSense technology optimizes actuators and haptic driver ICs for better performance.

  • 100+ pre-defined built-in tactile effects tuned to common actuator types
  • Ability to add-on features to quickly introduce new capabilities to the market
  • Customized use case implementation

We will work with you to tune everything from vibration magnitude and duration to frequency and rhythm so that you can create a haptic experience that’s uniquely yours.

Active Sensing Technology

Smart Sensing System for Getting the Haptic Experience Just Right.

Active Sensing Technology takes haptics to the next level with motion sensing + smart control technology. Rapidly responding to the haptic system’s current state, Active Sensing Technology can realistically recreate button pushes, dial turns, and sliders. The technology gives device makers to deliver a fully interactive digital display with programmable touch surfaces.

Made for suspension mounting and whole device vibration, Active Sensing Technology can be used for automotive, mobile and IoT devices.

More About Active Sensing Technology
Active Sensing Technology

Active recalibration matching signals to waveform with:

The AST Algorithm

Calculates the system response every sub-millisecond to recalibrate actuator vibration.

The AST System Design

A closed-loop system design that allows the haptic system to take advantage of the device’s sensor for signal strength and timing calculations.


Kinesthetic and Force Feedback Technology

TouchSense Force brings immersive, high-definition haptics to a wide range of peripherals.

Amazing New User Experiences

  • Trigger technology for both left and right experiences
  • Isolated and nuanced HD effects
  • Spatial effects for dimensional event
  • Complex haptic interactions
  • Push and pull capablities

Interoperable, Cross Platform Solution

  • Support across a wide range of peripherals
  • Provides broader range of effect design
  • Optimized playback based on device capablities

Core API Technology

  • Full control for high-fidelity effects
  • Timeline and event based design capabilities
  • Advanced firmware and essential technology

Immersion Reference Designs Provide the Blueprints to Build Great Haptic Experiences

Building a high-performing haptic system requires expert knowledge and detailed insight on how each haptic component works. Let us help you create, design and implement the best haptic system for your experience.

Haptic Effect Design

Specify the haptic effect design in a prototype environment to select the exact button feel

Hardware Specification

Determine the range and magnitude of implementation based on specific hardware performance capabilities

Mechanical Design

Plan for the proper design process and criteria for system implementation

Implementation Examples

Learn about implementation for various touchscreens and touchpad installations

Electronic Design

Choose the right haptic hardware for each installation

Software Overview

Understand the crucial role software plays in haptic effect control


Engineering and Design Services

Engineering Design Services

We live and breathe haptics. We can help you optimize your hardware design, customize tactile effects, and quickly get your product to market.

  • Integration & design guides (electrical & mechanical)
  • Certification of actuators
  • Test & development kits
  • Design tools & reference designs

User Experience Design

Our experts are here to help every step of the way. We routinely assist customers with validating use cases, customizing tactile effects, and seamlessly integrating them into their content or product.

  • User testing & market analysis
  • Design & prototyping of new technology
  • Interface & tactile effect design
  • UX guidelines & recommendations

Patent Licensing

Our team works day and night to create new use cases, develop new technologies, and increase the value we provide to our customers. We’ve developed a comprehensive patent portfolio that spans a variety of markets and uses.

R&D and Continuous Innovation

Enough is never enough; we’re constantly seeking more. More ways to bring new and meaningful haptic experiences to customers through multi-disciplinary R&D, years of haptics research and continuous innovation.

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