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Haptics and Gaming: A Future Story

By David Birnbaum, Senior Director, Technology Strategy, Office of the CTO Immersion was founded as a gaming company over a quarter-century ago. At that time, with the explosion of personal computing, the internet, and VR 1.0, the potential for digital technology to revolutionize the human experience seemed limitless. Our role was to bring the sense of touch online, letting gamers feel the physical effects of thrilling fantasy worlds, from the forces of flight to the intensity…
November 10, 2020

What are Haptics?

By Felipe Almedia, Sr. UX Researcher
Haptics is traditionally used to describe tactile feedback (i.e., sensations originated solely in the skin) that are provided by consumer devices and electronics to mimic the sense of touch.  The word haptics in itself is derived…
July 14, 2020

The Haptic Stack – Design Layer

By Chris Ullrich, CTO at Immersion
Over the last few months, I introduced the haptic stack – a conceptual framework that we use at Immersion to think about the key technology components of an engaging haptic experience. As a quick refresher, the stack consists of three…
June 9, 2020

Wellness in the Age of Haptics

By David Birnbaum, Distinguished Staff, Technology Strategy
As I noted in my previous article on the Three Haptic Trends to Watch, haptic wellness will make its way into the mainstream over the next few years. It is…