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Get advanced HD haptics and kinesthetic force feedback technology. Build realistic, high-fidelity, immersive worlds that gamers never want to leave.

Gaming is More with Immersion

Immersion’s interoperable, cross-platform solution delivers stunning haptics for games and peripherals. Go to new depths. Create immersive game elements, gameplay mechanics, level designs, and more. We make it easy to add innovative haptic features to the gaming experience.

Haptic Experiences in Gaming

StrikerVR Advanced Haptic Peripherals

StrikerVR's newest controller will bring novel peripheral designs to the rapidly growing consumer VR market-creating sensations for players that mimic a wide range of virtual object and letting users experience everything from the power of a floor-shaking speaker; to the crack of a baseball bat; to the pull of a fishing line.

GTR Simulator RS30 Ultra Wheel

The RS30 Ultra Wheel is a highly realistic racing simulation accessory for your racing cockpit. The racing component features force feedback in the steering wheel as well as the pedal system to create a realistic racing experience for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and PC platforms.

Beyond the PlayStation 5

Haptics in the Sony PlayStation 5 means more than a new console with games enabled with the sense of touch. It means the emergence of a new field of creativity and exploration, ripe for innovation.
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Advanced HD Haptic and Kinesthetic Technologies

HD haptic and kinesthetic force feedback technologies take the experience to the next level of gaming immersion. Add realistic textures, materials, and weapon recoil, and other haptic effects.

Work with us to build an ecosystem with next-generation haptics and force feedback for game controllers, headsets, mice, mobile devices, and gaming chairs.

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Gaming Solutions for Haptics

TouchSense ® Force

Immersion TouchSense Force for gaming peripherals and controller products create stunning haptic effects with true touch sensations - pushing, pulling, grasping, and pulsing. Integrate high-quality touch effects into games and devices with TouchSense Force technology.

Haptic Innovation Program

Our team of experts can work with your team to customize your product and help you build the next-generation gaming peripheral. We’ll help you plan, innovate and build a high-quality haptic device capable of creating an immersive world for your player.

Technology Licenses

License our software, firmware, and patents for haptics in gaming and deliver haptic-enabled controllers, gamepads, and other peripheral products to the market.


Immersion provides select design and engineering services to help our customers build compelling and immersive tactile, best-in-class products.

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