Mobile Video Advertising with Tactile Effects

Immersion and Opera Mediaworks launch mobile video advertising with tactile effects.

Opera Mediaworks and Immersion launches touch-enabled mobile advertising on Opera Mediaworks’ ad platform.  In partnership with Stoli® Vodka and Horizon Media, the first ad creative to launch with this capability is “Stoli: THE Vodka” campaign – an animation with a woman shaking a Stoli vodka martini.

Touch-enabled mobile advertising on Opera Mediaworks are:

  • Powered by Immersion’s haptic technology – TouchSense® Engage
  • Reaches more than a million users daily and 250 apps in the United States
  • Offers brands and advertises an impactful, new medium with which they can engage consumers’ attention on mobile devices

“Stoli: THE Vodka” ad creative with tactile effects is running on various apps on the Opera Mediaworks mobile ad platform.

Read the full press release here.

Stoli – The Shaker from Opera Mediaworks on Vimeo.

  • App developers can learn more about how to enable in-app haptic playback on the Opera Mediaworks platform here
  • Contact Immersion to learn more about haptic technology in advertising, video, mobile games and social media.
  • Brands and ad agencies can contact Opera Mediaworks to advertise on the Opera Mediaworks mobile ad platform.

Immersion’s TouchSense® Engage is easily deployed in mobile applications through a simple technology integration that enables the media to control the actuator, the vibration motor in the mobile phone. Opera Mediaworks’ SDK utilizes TouchSense Engage to manage haptic synchronization with its Instant-Play™ HD mobile video via a small library plugin.