Wearable Tech in 2015: The Hype Bubble Burst


by Tom Emrich

The emergence of this form of communication may also be held back because we have not yet figured out a common design language for sensory messages, as pointed out by Chris Ullrich, VP of UX at Immersion, a leader in haptics since 1993, in a great article for Fast Company.

While haptics may not be flourishing as a new language, it did see some traction in the VR space to help put your body in the virtual world. Oculus unveiled its Oculus Touch Controllers this year, which will use haptic feedback to make you feel like you are touching something. Gloveone (which raised over $150,000 on Kickstarter) and Hands Omni by Virtuix (makers of the Omni VR treadmill) are also leveraging haptic feedback to take the VR experience to the next level.

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