The Drum Recognizes Haptics’ Effect On Brands And Content

We know haptics can positively affect how consumers feel about a brand. We know how haptics can enhance the emotional impact of a brand’s story. We have the data, conducted the studies and pounded the pavement. Now, we are thrilled that the Ad industry knows it, too.

The Drum, Europe’s largest media and marketing website, has recognized Immersion and our advertising partner, Teads, with a Digital Trading Award. The 2017 “Best Mobile Campaign” honored our work on Universal’s Jason Bourne movie trailer. With haptics, the campaign moved audiences and pulled them into the action as fans could literally feel the explosive action on their devices.

As consumers continue to demand premium entertainment content on mobile, one of the biggest challenges brand owners and content marketers face is creating engaging experiences that will keep users’ eyes on their mobile screens. Our team artfully authored tactile effects to enhance the mobile experience of the Jason Bourne trailer. The result? A movie ad that wowed fans and kept them engaged in the action. Fans felt every explosion, every gun shot and every car crash of the trailer – and their eyes stayed glued to the screen.

The campaign delivered incredible results, too. According to a study conducted by Teads, Immersion and Research Now, adding high-quality touch effects to the trailer drove higher engagement, interest and interaction with the ad. It also found that opinion and purchase intent were driven higher by integrating haptics in mobile ads. Video ads with haptics resulted in an increase of 41% in purchase intent, a 38% increase in positive brand opinion, and an increase of 6.5% in overall video completion rates. In fact, of those who experienced haptic ads, 77% said the technology made them pay more attention to the ad.

In short, if your audience can see your brand they should feel it as well. With haptics, consumers get the memorable, immersive experiences that they crave, and advertisers get the steadfast brand loyalty they want. We are proud that The Drum recognized our work and the role of haptics in creating memorable experiences for consumers.