Immersion's Haptic Technology is More Than
Touch, It’s About Advancing the User Experience

The sense of touch takes the user experience beyond the user-input relationship that we have with technology today. Touch broadens the way we engage in the digital world by creating a new space where we can interact with our digital environment, devices and other people. In addition, the technology behind haptics can drive innovative use cases and design across the entire body of interactive experiences.

Improve Device Performance While
Lowering the Cost of Implementation

Immersion can help optimize haptic system operations, add control, and increase fidelity to not only makes devices feel better but to enable businesses to do more with higher quality haptics.

Add New Functionality with Innovative Haptic Use Cases

Customized haptics, audio plus haptics, automated haptics, dynamic haptics and more. Immersion can help businesses implement innovative, not-yet-imagined haptic use cases, and expand device capabilities.

Build Haptics to Work with the Broader Ecosystem

Immersion works across every level of the haptic ecosystem from the app layer down to the hardware layer. With our expertise, we help businesses navigate the intricacies of each part of the ecosystem to help create the haptic experience the way it was intended.

Immersion's Haptic Technology Brings a New Experience to Just About Anything

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Everything You Need to Create High Quality Haptics

Creating a high performance haptic experience requires the entire system to work together well

Enable Haptics



Easy-to-use API to simplify haptic integration and enable customized design


Optimized OS to achieve the performance & consistency required for haptic use cases



Tuned haptic driver IC to haptic actuator specification to deliver effects based on design intent


Haptic-certified actuators with the capabilities to deliver the desired haptic experience quality

Optimize Haptics



Design tools and support to enable creation of custom haptic effects for specific use cases


Haptic design based on deep understanding of human behavior, specific device capabilities and uses cases


Control Firmware

Ensure underlying hardware combination can support haptic experience as designed

Mechanical Design & Engineering Support

Optimize haptic hardware to achieve performance required for use cases

Haptics Impact the Consumer Experience

In addition to more functionality, better performance, and innovation, haptic technology improves the consumer experience. Studies conducted by Immersion and industry research organizations comparing users’ reactions to a haptic experience versus a non-haptic experience show positive results.

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Haptics increases perceived quality of products
Haptics improves recognition and awareness of brand or product
Haptics increases users' feelings of connection to brand or product

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