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Immersion helps businesses harness the power of touch

Touch is at the heart of the most powerful experiences. It informs, it excites, and it humanizes— bringing people closer together.

The haptic experience

Immersion’s TouchSense® technology enables these connections by extending the power of touch to the digital world. With haptics, users are able to feel the buttons on a mobile screen. Gamers feel the G-forces applied to a car around an S curve. And movie watchers feel the percussion of an explosion.

Haptics feel great for business too

Businesses all over the world are discovering the power of touch. It can be a powerful differentiator in phones, wearables, and even cars, enabling richer user experiences and more intuitive interfaces. It’s also delivering tangible results for content creators. Designers and developers are using our haptic technology to create highly immersive experiences that improve engagement.

A Difference Users Can Feel.


77% of users prefer interacting with haptic-enabled content.


85% of users feel more immersed in videos enhanced with haptics.

Feel the difference haptics make in mobile content.

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TouchSense Software

Easily integrate haptic effects into your application.


Design Services

Our 20+ years of experience will make you look like an instant haptics expert.


IP License

A variety of licensing packages are available, giving you access to our extensive IP portfolio.