Universal Pictures Jason Bourne

View on your Android Chrome mobile device to experience haptics.

Universal Pictures wanted to make a huge splash in Latin America with the release of the action-packed trailer for its 2016 summer blockbuster “Jason Bourne.” With the rise in mobile content consumption, the studio wanted to engage the Latin American market via a strategic mobile advertising campaign targeted at Android users in the region.

To maintain the integrity of the big screen while simultaneously creating a uniquely immersive experience on the small screen, the haptic editorial team artfully authored tactile effects to match both the visual and audio content of the “Jason Bourne” trailer. The tactile effects were designed to capture the nuance of the action and created to maintain the quality of content.

In the final touch-enhanced version of the “Jason Bourne” trailer, fans felt every explosion, every gunshot, and every car crash – all meant to keep their eyes stayed glued to the screen. Viewers were awed as they literally felt the screech of the tires as a SWAT car zoomed down the levels of a parking garage; the impact of Bourne plowing through parked cars on Las Vegas Boulevard, and the boom of a shotgun round aimed at rouge intelligence agents.

Highlight video of Jason Bourne haptic campaign and results.