Immersion reveals TouchSense Force for better touch feedback in games


Immersion has a long history in the gaming industry from its early efforts pioneering rumble on the Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox console platforms. For more than 20 years, it has enabled game developers to differentiate their products with high-quality touch effects.

By Dean Takahashi, Venture Beat

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Nintendo Switch Specs: How Its Touchscreen Feature Works


The Nintendo Switch specs feature top-of-the-line hybrid functionality. It is packed with two Joy-con controllers and a touch screen capability, which adds variety to gameplay. However, none of the games are maximizing this feature. Ever wondered why? Immersion announced that they signed a multi-year collaboration with game giant Nintendo to build their patent with the Switch. The technology will assist developers during their design efforts by using the TouchSense software suite.

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Immersion’s TouchSense Technology Used in Nintendo Switch


Immersion has announced that it has signed a multi-year agreement with Nintendo, which will allow the company to adapt its TouchSense technology to Nintendo Switch. As part of the agreement, Nintendo will receive a license to Immersion’s patent portfolio.

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Read Japanese-translated version of the press release:  (日本語訳)イマージョンと任天堂が Nintendo Switch システムにイマージョンの TouchSense テクノロジーを提供することで合意

Immersion Corp. Enters Licensing Agreement With Grayhill Expanding Its Haptic Technology For Mobile Campaigns

brian-mayImmersion Corporation, which licenses touch feedback technology for improved consumer engagement with mobile and digital campaigns, just announced a licensing agreement with Grayhill, the maker of a range of human interface components and custom solutions.

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