The Language of Feel Will Establish Wearables As A Distinct Category


As the momentum going into the launch of the Apple AAPL +0.88% Watch reaches its peak, everyone is wondering whether this introduction will finally establish wearables as a distinct category.  Apple has done it before, with the iPod, iPhone, and iPad.  However, since Steve Jobs’s passing, the company has yet to initiate a whole new category.  The stakes for Apple (and CEO Tim Cook) are high.

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Digital Trends Top Tech of MWC 2015 nominees


When it comes to the tech you carry every day, such as phones, tablets, and smartwatches, no show looms larger than Mobile World Congress. Tech giants like Samsung, LG, and Sony descend on Barcelona every March to show off their hottest new toys. And if you’re in the market, you’ll find new products that make the gear introduced just months ago look ancient. This year was no exception. A spate of powerful new smartphones, super-thin tablets, and swanky smartwatches you’ll finally want to wear has made it one of the most exciting shows in recent memory.

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MWC 2015 Highlight Day 1: The Edge of Innovation


As with previous Mobile World Congresses, this year is bigger than the last. While the new Samsung Galaxy 6 (yes 6 already) is the big product launch this year, there are many other interesting developments and trends emerging at mobile’s biggest event of the year, perhaps adeptly taglined for 2015 ‘The Edge of Innovation’.  Here are some highlights from day 1:

IoT, wearables, M2M – Everything’s connected

Last year saw a slew of connected device launches from hardware manufactures. Most of the launches were activity trackers and watches.  As such, wearables were on the tip of everyone’s tongues last year. While wearables were still making news this year, an increasing amount of the innovation focuses on the technology and services powering the IoT ecosystem. From smart touch technologies coming from companies such as Immersion to Huawei’s plans to to creating seamless payment of experiences in the future world as explored by Mastercard to global cellular connectivity for IoT  a la Sigfox, the mobile world is starting to collaborate to create a truly connected IoT ecosystem.

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[MWC 2015] Immersion redefines wearables communication with instinctive alerts framework


USA – Immersion (  announced the Instinctive Alerts Framework, a groundbreaking approach to tactile notifications designed to take advantage of the unique communications capabilities of wearable devices.

Combined with Immersion’s TouchSense® Core™ Solution for Wearables, the Instinctive Alerts Framework is a new scalable solution for designing a wearable device that effectively and privately communicates to users through tactile effects, without requiring any additional audio or visual context.

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Immersion Redefines Wearables with Technology that allows you to Reach Out & Touch Someone

NewGizmo Blog

Despite our belief, technology these days is at its infancy in terms of sensory feedback.

Take for example Wearable Technology. In the last few years this has been one of the hottest markets. This has been seen in the explosion of Smart watches and Fitness bands.

Unfortunately despite the multitude of devices, end users have only gotten what can be described as a two dimensional or black and white feedback from these gadgets.

Yes many of these devices have amazing high definition displays and enriched, deep sound but beyond these “look at listen basic feedback”, none of these devices really have reached out and touched us.

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Gadgets Are Getting Better at Fooling Your Sense of Touch

MIT Technology Review

Touch feedback that’s more nuanced than a simple buzz could make virtual reality more real and cars safer.

By Rachel Metz on February 20, 2015

The offices of Immersion in San Jose, California, may be the touchy-feeliest place I’ve ever been. The walls of one conference room are lined with tablets, smartphones, smart watches, and other gadgets that all have the ability to stimulate your sense of touch.

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