MWC 2015 Highlight Day 1: The Edge of Innovation


As with previous Mobile World Congresses, this year is bigger than the last. While the new Samsung Galaxy 6 (yes 6 already) is the big product launch this year, there are many other interesting developments and trends emerging at mobile’s biggest event of the year, perhaps adeptly taglined for 2015 ‘The Edge of Innovation’.  Here are some highlights from day 1:

IoT, wearables, M2M – Everything’s connected

Last year saw a slew of connected device launches from hardware manufactures. Most of the launches were activity trackers and watches.  As such, wearables were on the tip of everyone’s tongues last year. While wearables were still making news this year, an increasing amount of the innovation focuses on the technology and services powering the IoT ecosystem. From smart touch technologies coming from companies such as Immersion to Huawei’s plans to to creating seamless payment of experiences in the future world as explored by Mastercard to global cellular connectivity for IoT  a la Sigfox, the mobile world is starting to collaborate to create a truly connected IoT ecosystem.

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