Reaching the always-on, app-centric millennial audience

Engagement is key, and technological advancements in smartphones, including haptics, voice recognition and camera phones, have revolutionized the way in which millennials engage with their devices.

– Jason Patton, vice president and general manager or content and media business at Immersion in How to reach the always-on, app-centric millennial audience, Mobile Marketer

In an article last month in Mobile Marketer, Jason Patton challenged marketers to get in the minds of the millennial generation by using Snapchat or WeChat as their sole means of communication for a month.  Millennials are proving to be a very unique generation with a distinctive behavior.  Understanding how to reach them, not only unlocks a rich audience for marketers, it creates an opportunity to rethink the media mix and the technologies that enables more innovation and creativity in advertising.

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